Synthesis of phosphoryl fluoride

Preparation of phosphoryl fluoride

Preparation of phosphoryl fluoride

Preparation of phosphoryl fluoride

Zinc carbonate is dissolved in excess of hydrofluoric acid, the solution evaporated, and the zinc fluoride dried at 300° C. Dry zinc fluoride is placed in a brass tube, to which a dopping funnel is attached through a PTFE or paraffined cork. The brass tube is connected to another brass tube cooled by a freezing mixture to 20° C, and this leads to another tube containing zinc fluoride, which removes any traces of phosphorus oxychloride escaping from the phosphorus oxyfluoride. To a dropping funnel a slight excess of the calculated quantity of phosphorus oxychloride is placed. The reaction begins by slowly dropping phosphorus oxychloride on to the zinc fluoride. To ensure the reaction the brass tube containing zinc fluoride is warmed carefully at 40-50° C, and the evolved gas of phosphoryl fluoride is collected over mercury in glass vessels or liquified (boiling temperature −39.7 °C). Phosphoryl fluoride is a toxic, clear, colourless gas, reacts with water, alcohol. It is soluble in ether and hydrocarbons.

Laboratory manual of inorganic preparations, by H. T. Vulte, 133, 1895



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Phosphoryl fluoride, Phosphoric trifluoride, Phosphorus oxyfluoride, Phosphoryl trifluoride, 13478-20-1, phosphoroyl trifluoride, Trifluorophosphine oxide, Trifluorophosphorus oxide, Phosphoric trifluoride #, AC1Q4OWG, POF3, AC1L35L0, CTK0H5678, FFUQCRZBKUBHQT-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 236-776-4, AR-1L0924, 3B4-5053

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CID83516, P039, 93857-63-7


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