Synthesis of phosphorus trisulfide

Preparation of phosphorus trisulfide

Preparation of phosphorus trisulfide

Preparation of phosphorus trisulfide

310 g of red phosphorus are mixed with 480 g of powdered sulfur and the powder poured by spoonfuls into a crucible which has been heated on a Bunsen burner. After adding each portion, the crucible is closed with a cover whereupon the reaction should take place at once. When the whole mixture has been added, the crucible is allowed to cool sufficiently to leave the mass soft, and then the phosphorus trisulfide is poured out on a piece of sheet-iron. The solid product is broken in pieces while warm and placed in a well-stoppered bottle. Phosphorus trisulphide forms in a hard, gray, easily powdered mass, which when exposed to air becomes moist and decomposes forming hydrogen sulfide.

Laboratory manual of inorganic preparations, by H. T. Vulte, 131, 1895



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Phosphorus sulfide (P2S3), Diphosphorus trisulphide, EINECS 235-317-5, UN1343, 12165-69-4, FT-0695870, Phosphorus trisulfide, free from yellow or white phosphorus, Phosphorus trisulfide, free from yellow or white phosphorus [UN1343] [Flammable solid]

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