Synthesis of phenyldichloroarsine (dichlorophenylarsine)

Preparation of phenyldichloroarsine

Preparation of phenyldichloroarsine (dichlorophenylarsine)

Preparation of phenyldichloroarsine (dichlorophenylarsine)

50 g of mercuric acetate are dissolved in 50 ml acetic acid. 100 ml benzene, free from thiophene, are added and the mixture heated for 5 hours at 100° C. After cooling, the insoluble part is filtered off and washed well with benzene, and the reaction mixture is evaporated to a small volume yielding phenyl mercuric acetate. 30 g of phenyl mercuric acetate are weighed into a flask, 100 g arsenic trichloride added and heated on to 100° C for 4-5 hours. During the reaction a viscous suspension is formed first and then this is suddenly converted into a brown liquid, while crystals separate below. The reaction mixture is filtrated and the filtrate is distilled under reduced pressure. The excess of arsenic chloride passes over first, phenyl dichloroarsine distills at a much higher temperature. Phenyldichloroarsine in pure state is a colorless liquid which gradually decomposes and turns yellow. At ordinary pressures it boils at 255° C to 257° C and at 14 mm pressure at 124° C.

The war gases chemistry and analysis, 298-299, 1939





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Dichlorophenylarsine, PHENYLDICHLOROARSINE, Phenyl dichlorarsine, Arsine dichloride, phenyl-, Phenyl dichloroarsine, Phenylarsinedichloride, Arsonous dichloride, phenyl-, Dichloro(phenyl)arsine, Arsine, dichlorophenyl-, Fenyldichlorarsin, Fenildicloroarsina, Dichlor-fenylarsin, RCRA waste number P036, Arsonous dichloride, As-phenyl-, Phenylarsine dichloride, TL 69, Phenylarsonous dichloride, Fenyldichlorarsin [Czech], RCRA waste no. P036, Dichlor-fenylarsin [Czech], Fenildicloroarsina [Italian], 696-28-6, HSDB 6043, EINECS 211-791-9, BRN 2935646, Dichlorophenylarsane, dichloro(phenyl)arsane, Phenylarsenic dichloride, UNII-KK93BBF49U, Phenylarsonous dichloride #, KK93BBF49U, NA 1556 (Salt/Mix), SCHEMBL873825, Arsonous dichloride,As-phenyl-, AC1L20B1, CTK5D0646, UDHDFEGCOJAVRE-UHFFFAOYSA-N, AKOS015891223, LS-21837, 4-16-00-01161 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), I01-8971

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