Synthesis of phenetole

Preparation of phenetole

Preparation of phenetole

Preparation of phenetole

2.3 g of sodium is dissolved in 30 ml of alcohol, and 9.4 g of phenol and 19.5 g of ethyl iodide added. The whole is then boiled under a reflux condenser on the water-bath until no longer alkaline to moist litmus paper (about 2-3 hours) . The alcohol and excess of ethyl iodide are then removed by distillation from the water-bath, and the residue shaken up with water and extracted with ether. The ethereal extract is washed with a little dilute potassium hydroxide and then with water. It is finally dried over calcium chloride and distilled. After the ether has been removed the phenetole passes over as a colourless oily liquid boiling at 173° C.

Preparation of organic compounds, E. de. Barry Barnett, 53, 1912





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ethoxybenzene, ethyl phenyl ether, phenetole

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Ethoxybenzene, PHENETOLE, Ethyl phenyl ether, Benzene, ethoxy-, 103-73-1, Phenyl ethyl ether, Benzene, ethoxy, Phenoxyethane, A Phenoxyethane, Ether, ethyl phenyl, Ether, ethyl phenyl-, UNII-RB8LU2C57F, HSDB 112, CHEBI:67129, DLRJIFUOBPOJNS-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 203-139-7, NSC 406706, AI3-05616, ethoxy-benzene, Phenylcthylether, Methyl anisole, 1-Ethoxybenzene, ethylphenyl ether, AC1L1PAR, ACMC-1BZP6, WLN: 2OR, RB8LU2C57F, SCHEMBL18492, KSC178O3B, 241989_ALDRICH, CHEMBL499585, CTK0H8730, MolPort-000-219-451, LTBB002266, ZINC1599383, 7908AF, ANW-14964, NSC406706, STL282470, ZINC01599383, AKOS000120160, MCULE-1435278355, NSC-406706, RP19468, RTR-000866, TRA0005629, CJ-05673, CJ-25702, KB-59533, OR033957, OR195932, LS-103776, TR-000866, E0043, A800791, 3B4-0047, I01-6181, InChI=1/C8H10O/c1-2-9-8-6-4-3-5-7-8/h3-7H,2H2,1H

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Phenetol, Phenyl ethyl alcohol, CID7674, 16Q

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