Synthesis of oxamide

Preparation of oxamide

Preparation of oxamide

Preparation of oxamide

25 g of crystallised copper sulphate are dissolved in 75 ml of water in a distilling flask heated on a water bath, and a warm solution of 13 g of potassium cynide in 25 ml of water is added. The evolved cyanogen (cyanogen is extremely poisonous) is led into 20 ml of cold conc. hydrochloric acid. When all the cyanide has been added, the second equivalent of cyanogen is expelled by adding, in the same way, a solution of 16 g of ferric chloride in 20 ml of water. Oxamide separates out, provided the hydrochloric acid is kept quite cool. It is washed with water. Yield 50%, white crystalline solid; partly sublimes on heating, but for the most part decomposes; sparingly soluble in water and in alcohols.

Systematic organic chemistry, by W. M. Cumming, 229-230, 1937.





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oxalic acid diamide, oxamide

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OXAMIDE, Ethanediamide, Oxalamide, 471-46-5, Oxalic acid diamide, Oxamimidic acid, Diaminoglyoxal, Oxamid, Amid kyseliny stavelove, Formimidic acid, 1-carbamoyl-, Oxamid [Czech], NSC 2770, UNII-SBE4M0223E, Amid kyseliny stavelove [Czech], CHEBI:48248, YIKSCQDJHCMVMK-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 207-442-5, AI3-03761, Oxamic acid amide, PubChem17273, NH2COCONH2, WLN: ZVVZ, AC1L1UIQ, AC1Q5IRY, 1-carbamoylformimidic acid, ACMC-1AD4U, AC1Q4Z3K, O9328_ALDRICH, SBE4M0223E, CHEMBL1995464, 75770_FLUKA, CTK1D6601, NSC2770, MolPort-003-938-776, NSC-2770, ZINC5177750, ANW-30488, AR-1K9312, ZINC05177750, AKOS006220951, MCULE-9024594322, RTR-017473, TRA0051491, AN-45131, BP-21125, KB-59356, LS-99461, NCI60_002253, OR019830, OR272433, P554, DB-051430, TR-017473, LT02161836, O0086, I14-18997, 3B3-030418, CB200FB4-BFA6-4C22-A9FF-49E76C262118

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Ethanediamine, CID10113, CB11529, C008728, 4745-68-0, 69340-99-4

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