Synthesis of nitrosylsulfuric acid

Preparation of nitrosylsulfuric acid

Preparation of nitrosylsulfuric acid

Preparation of nitrosylsulfuric acid

100 g  of anhydrous nitric acid and 25 g of anhydrous acetic acid are placed in an Erlenmeyer flask and surround the flask with a freezing mixture. For introduction of sulfur dioxide, a tube 1 cm in diameter is connected through the stopper. The top of this tube is closed with another stopper and just below this stopper a side arm is provided through which the gas is to enter. Whenever the lower end of the tube becomes clogged with crystals, the stopper may be removed for a moment and the obstruction dislodged with a stirring rod. For the reaction sulfur dioxide is generated from 200 g of copper turnings and 400 g of concentrated sulfuric acid (alternatively sulfur dioxide could be prepared from bisulfite solution), and dried by passing through a sulfuric acid. Sulfur dioxide is rapidly introduced into the well cooled reaction flask with occasional mixing. White crystals of nitrosylsulfuric acid forms thick crystalline paste, which is washed with a little cold, glacial acetic acid, then with carbon tetrachloride. The nitrosylsulfuric acid is dried in a vacuum desiccator over sulfuric acid. The crystals of nitrosylsulfuric acid obtained in this manner can be preserved in a well-stoppered flask for a long time unchanged. Yield, about 80 to 90 g.

Laboratory methods of inorganic chemistry by H. Biltz, 206, 1928


nitroso hydrogen sulfate



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Nitrosylsulfuric acid, 7782-78-7, NITROSOSULFURIC ACID, Nitrosylsulphuric acid, Nitrosylsulfuric acid solution, nitroso hydrogen sulfate, chamber crystals, nitrosonium bisulfate, nitrososulphuric acid, nitrosyl sulfuric acid, nitrosyl-sulfuric acid, nitrosyl-sulphuric acid, Nitrosyl sulphuric acid, ACMC-20ak2m, (nitrosooxy)sulfonic acid, Sulfuric acid, monoanhydride with nitrous acid, AC1Q7DN7, Sulfuric acid, anhydride with nitrous acid (1:1), UNII-40K942UPM8, 517070_ALDRICH, AC1L32V4, CTK2H7102, VQTGUFBGYOIUFS-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 40K942UPM8, EINECS 231-964-2, UN2308, BC223650, KB-58430, TC-165685, FT-0693402, N14602, Nitrosylsulfuric acid [UN2308] [Corrosive], 3B4-3856, 26192-61-0, 83364-18-5

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