Synthesis of nitrodichlorohydrin

Preparation of nitrodichlorohydrin

Preparation of nitrodichlorohydrin

Preparation of nitrodichlorohydrin

100 g of dichlorohydrin was put into 200 g of a mixture of 40% nitric acid (>99% d=1.52 g/ml) and 60% sulfuric acid ( >99% d=1.84 g/ml) with cooling, although the development of heat is only slight. The ester soon separated on the surface of the liquid, and was collected and neutralized just like nitroglycerin or dinitrochlorohydrin. The yield was 127.5 g, or 94.4% of theory.

Nitroglycerine and Nitroglycerine Explosives, by P Naoum, 191, 1928

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