Synthesis of n-butane-1-d

Preparation of n-butane-1-d

Preparation of n-butane-1-d

Preparation of n-butane-1-d

11 g of deuterium oxide are added slowly to a vigorously stirred Grignard solution prepared from 24g of magnesium turnings and 100 g of butyl bromide in 400 ml of dibutyl ether. The mixture is then heated and the deuterated butane is collected in a cold trap at —78° C. Distillation of the crude product through a Davis column, whose head is cooled with acetone/dry ice at —10° C, affords 27.6 g or 85.2% n-butane-1-d, which boils at -0.5 to -0.2°/740 mm.

J. Amer. Chem. Soc, 75, 2652 (1953).

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