Synthesis of N-(4-methylphenyl)benzamide

Preparation of N-(4-methylphenyl)benzamide

Preparation of N-(4-methylphenyl)benzamide

Preparation of N-(4-methylphenyl)benzamide

2 g of finely divided p-toluidine are mixed with 10 ml of a 10% aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide, and 2 ml benzoyl chloride are added gradually to the warm mixture in a corked flask, which is mechanically shaken. Thorough shaking is essential. If any excess of benzoyl chloride remains, it is destroyed by warming with a further quantity of sodium hydroxide solution. The mixture is then poured into water, and the precipitate filtered, dried, and recrystallised from alcohol. Yield almost theoretical, colourless crystals; insoluble in water; m.p. 158° C.

Systematic organic chemistry, by W. M. Cumming, 304, 1937.





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N-(4-Methylphenyl)benzamide, p-Benzotoluidide, N-p-Tolyl-benzamide, 4′-Methylbenzanilide, Benzamide, N-p-tolyl-, BENZO-p-TOLUIDIDE, Benzamide, N-(4-methylphenyl)-, N-Benzoyl-p-toluidine, Benzoic acid p-toluidide, 582-78-5, YUIHXKGKVSVIEL-UHFFFAOYSA-N, AE-848/00895014, Para-methylbenzanilide, N-(p-tolyl)benzamide, AC1Q2RKS, Maybridge1_004370, AC1L29UV, AC1Q2M8J, SCHEMBL82305, MLS000523601, N-(4-Methylphenyl)benzamide #, CHEMBL1489271, CTK1H0770, HMS553O16, MolPort-000-882-063, HMS2359E23, ZINC164223, NSC17586, EINECS 209-491-8, NSC-17586, STK259692, ZINC00164223, AKOS000277999, MCULE-1741867493, NCGC00245386-01, BAS 04456749, OR052257, OR289166, SMR000122674, AI3-00503, KB-102287, ST50275663

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p-Toluoylaniline, 4′-Fluorobutyrophenone, CID68497

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