Synthesis of N-(3-bromo-2-methylphenyl)acetamide

Preparation of N-(3-bromo-2-methylphenyl)acetamide

Preparation of N-(3-bromo-2-methylphenyl)acetamide

Preparation of N-(3-bromo-2-methylphenyl)acetamide

20 g of N-(2-methylphenyl)acetamide are dissolved in 130 g of glacial acetic acid, and bromine-laden air is drawn through the solution by means of a filter-pump until the whole solidifies to a white, crystalline mass. The acetic acid is then removed as completely as possible by draining on a Buchner funnel at the pump, and the N-(3-bromo-2-methylphenyl)acetamide recrystallised from alcohol. Yield 15 g m.p. 156-157. The acetyl group can be removed by boiling with hydrochloric acid.

Preparation of organic compounds, E. de. Barry Barnett, 53, 1912





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N-(3-bromo-2-methylphenyl)acetamide, 54879-19-5, AC1N4W3E, AC1Q1L0O, 2-Acetylamino-6-bromotoluene, SCHEMBL265392, 3′-Bromo-2′-methylacetanilide, CTK5A2715, YYAPEVMVBWRSOD-UHFFFAOYSA-N, ZINC408693, AKOS024326992, AS03671, MCULE-5844528595, N-(3-Bromo-2-methyl-phenyl)-acetamide, Acetamide, N-(3-bromo-2-methylphenyl)-, N-(3-bromanyl-2-methyl-phenyl)ethanamide, OR283179, L-1091, A830390, 67866-91-5

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N- acetamide, N-(3-bromo-2-methyl-phenyl)acetamide, CID4162140

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