Synthesis of methylamine hydrochloride

Preparation of methylamine hydrochloride

Alternative Names: Methanamine hydrochloride; Aminomethane Hydrochloride; Methylamine HCl; Methyl Amine hydrochloride;

Preparation of methylamine hydrochloride

Preparation of methylamine hydrochloride

20 g of dry acetamide and 18 ml (54 g) of bromine are mixed in a flask 1/2 litre flask, and whilst the mixture is cooled in water, a 10% solution of potassium hydroxide (about 20 grams) is added, until the dark brown liquid changes to a deep yellow colour. The solution, which now contains potassium bromide and acetmonobromamide, is slowly added from a tap-funnel inserted, together with a thermometer, into the neck of a 1-liter distilling flask. The flask contains a concentrated solution of potassium hydroxide (56 g in 100 ml of water), heated to 60-70° C. Heat is evolved, and care must be taken that the rise of temperature does not greatly exceed the above limits. The reaction goes on quietly, and the yellow solution is gradually decolourised. The mixture is then digested for a short time at the above temperature until the yellow colour completely disappears. A few bits of broken pot are now introduced into the flask, which is closed with an ordinary cork, and the liquid distilled over wire-gauze. The vapours of methylamine and ammonia, which are cooled, are passed by means of a bent adapter, attached to the end of the condenser, into dilute hydrochloric acid contained in the receiver. Care must be taken that the adapter does not dip too far into the acid, or liquid may be sucked back into the condenser and distilling flask. When the distillate is no longer alkaline, and consequently all the methylamine has been driven over, the hydrochloric acid solution is evaporated to dryness on the water-bath, and the colorless crystalline residue extracted repeatedly with small quantities of absolute alcohol, which dissolves out the methylamine salt from the ammonium chloride. From the hot alcoholic solution foliated crystals separate out on cooling. Large deliquescent tablets, which melt at 227° C, and sublime above that temperature, with slight decomposition. The base is liberated on warming with sodium hydroxide, as an inflammable gas with strong ammoniacal smell.

Practical organic chemistry, by J. B. Cohen, 80-81, 1920.





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Methylamine hydrochloride, methanamine hydrochloride, 593-51-1, Aminomethane Hydrochloride, Methylamine HCl, Methyl Amine hydrochloride, monomethyl amine hydrochloride, (14c)methanamine hydrochloride(1:1), methanamine HCl, methyl amine HCl, MeNH2 hydrochloride, 34460-70-3, MeNH2 HCl, MeNH2.HCl, methylamin hydrochloride, metylamine hydrochloride, methyl ammonium chloride, ACMC-1BMQT, methaneamine hydrochloride, methylarnine hydrochloride, AC1O4BSH, N-methylamine hydrochloride, M0505_ALDRICH, methylamine hydrochloric acid, Methylamine monohydrochloride, methylamine Hydrogen Chloride, KSC269G9H, M0505_SIGMA, methyl amine Hydrogen Chloride, CTK1G9393, MolPort-003-928-394, NQMRYBIKMRVZLB-UHFFFAOYSA-N, KST-1A4503, M439EX322K, NSC89685, ANW-33239, AR-1A0158, NSC-89685, (Aminomethyl)polystyrene hydrochloride, AKOS015918174, Benzylamine hydrochloride polymer-bound, JC10104, RP18280, RTR-037208, TRA0075289, AK161812, BP-11399, METHYLAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE, [14C], OR034813, OR291197, OR291198, SC-25490, AB1002518, DB-050375, TR-037208, FT-0628860, FT-0628861, FT-0650241, FT-0690211, M0138, ST24047534, I14-7568, Copolymer of styrene and divinylbenzene, aminomethylated hydrochloride, Polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene, aminomethylated hydrochloride

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null, AM-polystyrene, Methylammonium chloride, methanaminium chloride, N-Methylammonium chloride, Methylaminehydrochloride, Mathylamine, hydrochloride, Methylamine, hydrochloride, Monomethylammonium chloride, METHANAMINE, HYDROCHLORIDE, Monomethylamine hydrochloride, UNII-M439EX322K, Methanamine, hydrochloride (1:1), Methyl-13C,d3-amine hydrochloride, CID6364545, 39137-36-5

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