Synthesis of mercury(II) iodide

Preparation of mercury(II) iodide

Preparation of mercury(II) iodide

Preparation of mercury(II) iodide

A solution of 13.5 g of mercury(II) chloride in 150 ml of water is mixed with one of 16.6 g of potassium iodide in 200 ml of water. The red mercury(II) iodide is suction-filtered, washed well with 100 ml of water, and dried in a desiccator. The dry material (about 22.5 g) is placed in a 4-inch evaporating dish, embedded about three-quarters of its height in a sand bath, and covered with a 5-inch Petri dish (or watch glass). On heating the bath, the mercury(II) iodide sublimes as yellow vapors which condense on the cover as a mixture of red and yellow prisms up to 2 cm long. The sublimated mercury(II) iodide is removed by periodically changing the Petri dish or watch glass. Finally, only a slight grayish residue of impurities remains behind. The yield of mercury(II) iodide is 21-22 g. The yellow modification of mercury(II) iodide changes slowly to the red one; the process is hastened by scratching or tapping the crystals.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 24-25, 1962





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HgI2, mercuric diiodide, mercuric iodide, mercuric iodide, red

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Mercury diiodide, Mercury(II) iodide, MERCURIC IODIDE, Mercury iodide (HgI2), Mercury biniodide, Mercurius bijodatus, Hydrargyrum diodatum, Red mercuric iodide, Mercuric iodide, red, alpha-Mercury(II) iodide, 7774-29-0, MERCURY (II) IODIDE, Hydrargyrum bijodatum [German], HSDB 1211, Mercuric iodide red, EINECS 231-873-8, Mercury(II) iodide red, diiodomercury, Hydrargyrum bijodatum, HgI2, AC1L2NGV, Red mercury (|A form only), 10015_RIEDEL, 203785_ALDRICH, 449180_ALDRICH, AC1Q4P31, 83379_FLUKA, CHEBI:49659, CTK9A4654, MolPort-003-925-731, 10015_SIAL, 83379_SIAL, 221090_SIAL, AKOS015902935, DB04445, IN001470, LS-89814, LT03328867, X5988, I14-19716

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Mercury iodide, UNII-R03O05RB0P, CID24485, HGI, 15385-57-6

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