Synthesis of malonic acid-d4

Preparation of malonic acid-d4

Alternative Names: Propanedioic-d2 acid-d2; Propanedioic-d2- acid-d2-;

Preparation of malonic acid-d4

Preparation of malonic acid-d4

6.3 ml of carbon suboxide are distilled into a graduated tube that is cooled to —78° C. 1 g of deuterium oxide, placed in a Pyrex tube (1.5 x 25 cm), is also cooled to —78° C. An equivalent amount of the carbon suboxide (measured by the diminution in volume in the graduated tube; d4(at 4° C)= 1.114) is distilled into the Pyrex tube, and carefully dried 10 ml of benzene are added. The tube is then closed and shaken for several days at room temperature, after which it is opened and the crystalline malonic acid-d4 is filtered off, washed with benzene, and dried over phosphorus pentoxide. Malonic acid-d4 melts at 128-130° C, and the yield is almost quantitative.

J. Chem. Soc, 1935, 492.


dideuterio 2,2-dideuteriopropanedioate



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Malonic acid-d4, propanedioic-d2 acid-d2, 813-56-9, AC1L3VTX, AC1Q5WXM, Propanedioic-d2- acid-d2-, MALONIC-D2 ACID-D2, (2H2)Malonic (2H2)acid, 175854_ALDRICH, SCHEMBL1330716, DE850, EINECS 212-385-4, AR-1L2199, dideuterio 2,2-dideuteriopropanedioate, Malonic Acid-D4 >99.5 Atom % D, OR036063, OR344351, ((2)H?)PROPANEDI((2)H)OIC ACID, FT-0693474

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malonic acid, CID123087, 85923-78-0

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