Synthesis of magnesium nitride

Preparation of magnesium nitride

Magnesium nitride is prepared similarly to aluminum nitride. However, the reaction is more carefully regulated by being carried out in a closed crucible which is heated from an external source.

Preparation of magnesium nitride

Preparation of magnesium nitride

An iron crucible is weight together with the cover and packed fully with 10 g of powdered magnesium by tapping the crucible on the desk to make the powder settle. The crucible is covered tightly and placed on the triangle with a cylinder of asbestos so as to diminish the loss of heat by radiation. The crucible is heated as hot as possible with a Bunsen burner for 45 minutes. After it cools the content of crucible is poured to a piece of paper and the white magnesium oxide on top and the yellow magnesium nitride beneath are gently separated. Magnesium nitride is preserved in a well-stoppered bottle.

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