Synthesis of lithium hydride

Preparation of lithium hydride

Lithium hydride is prepared by passing hydrogen gas over lithium metal. Lithium hydride is usually used for the preparation of lithium aluminium hydride.

Preparation of lithium hydride

Preparation of lithium hydride

Knife cleaned lithium is washed with dried ether and then is transported into a steel tray.  The metal tray is usually made of stainless steel. In order to remove impurities, which could contaminate lithium, stainless steel tray is heated for 6-8 hours at 900-1000° C by passing hydrogen during that process. The stainless steel tray with lithium is covered with ether and placed in a steel tube, and this – in a porcelain or quartz tube (reactor).

Preparation of lithium hydride

Preparation of lithium hydride

The ether and are are removed by passing dry hydrogen stream  through the steel tray and the reactor tube. The tube is slowly heated to 100° C, and then, without interrupting the flow of hydrogen, the temperature of the furnace is gradually increased to 600-630° C. At the end of the process still allowing hydrogen to flow, the temperature of furnace is increased to 700 to 720° C. Under these conditions, fusion of lithium hydride occurs. For the preparation of lithium hydride hydrogen must be well purified. By reacting lithium with not quite pure hydrogen often ignition if the metal itself occurs. The hydrogen gas could be dried over phosphorus pentoxide and finally purified by passing through melted sodium or potassium. Lithium hydride is colorless solid exposed to moisture breaks down, however it reacts with oxygen only in high temperature.

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LITHIUM HYDRIDE, 7580-67-8, LIH, Lithium hydride anion, hydridolithium, Lithiumhydride, hydride lithium, lithium(1h)hydride, hydridolithate(1-), AC1L1XMV, [LiH], LiH(-), KSC491A4N, UNII-68KF447EX3, [LiH](-), CHEBI:30148, CTK3J1046, MolPort-006-110-012, SRTHRWZAMDZJOS-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 68KF447EX3, ANW-36675, AR-1J3276, AKOS024438079, RTR-024337, TR-024337

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hydrure de lithium, Lithium monohydride, Lithium hydride (LiH), CHEBI:30146, CID62714, CID5460523, 13732-32-6

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