Synthesis of lead

Preparation of elemental lead

Lead is prepared by reduction of lead oxide with charcoal.

Preparation of lead

Preparation of lead

Twenty-five grams of lead oxide are mixed well with 1.5 g of very fine charcoal and heated over a Meker burner in a large covered crucible for about one-half hour. The molten Pb is poured into a clean iron dish and allowed to cool. Yield about 20 g.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 4, 1962





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LEAD, Plumbum, Blei, Lead metal, 7439-92-1, plomo, Glover, Lead element, Lead flake, Lead, elemental, Lead, inorganic, Omaha & grant, Olow [Polish], Rough lead bullion, CI pigment metal 4, Lead S2, Lead S 2, Lead, ion (Pb4+), C.I. Pigment Metal 4, SSO 1, CCRIS 1581, HSDB 231, KS-4, Pb-S 100, UNII-2P299V784P, EINECS 231-100-4, Lead, elemental and inorganic compounds, CI 77575, C.I. 77575, Lead(II) nitrate solution, Lead and compounds, 54076-28-7, LEAD COMPOUNDS, plomb, tetrahydridoleae, Olow, Lead and compounds (inorganic), lead(IV) cation, lead(IV) hydride, lead(4+) ion, lead(0), Lead ion (1 ), Lead and lead compounds, lead(4+), ACMC-1BLMK, AC1NS2BE, Lead 240, 82Pb, Lead isotope of mass 240, UNII-7Y62STE4M2, KSC271O5H, 240Pb, Pb(0), 209708_ALDRICH, 265861_ALDRICH, 265888_ALDRICH, 265918_ALDRICH, 356913_ALDRICH, 357014_ALDRICH, 391352_ALDRICH, 396117_ALDRICH, 7Y62STE4M2, 02785_FLUKA, 03399_FLUKA, CHEBI:25016, CHEBI:27889, CHEBI:30180, CTK1H1753, HSDB 6923, Pb(4+), MolPort-003-925-006, LTBB002778, LEAD, 99.999%, 2P299V784P, Lead standard concentrate 10.00 g Pb, LS-1638, RTR-031604, TR-031604, C06696, 3B4-2180, I14-60872, L007100000, Lead atomic spectroscopy standard concentrate 1.00 g Pb, 14701-27-0, 15158-12-0, 724427-66-1

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Plumbane, lead tetrahydride, Trimethyl Lead Ion, Lead (II) ion, Pb2+, Lead, isotope of mass 206, Lead and compounds, inorganic, EPA-E650002, EPA-E715524, PB 240, EPA-E17000290, CID5352425, N420, D007854, PB, 15875-18-0, PBM, PBN

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