Synthesis of lead(II) chloride

Preparation of lead(II) chloride

Preparation of lead(II) chloride

Preparation of lead(II) chloride

15 g of neutral lead acetate 3-hydrate are dissolved in 100ml of water and the solution made faintly acid to litmus with glacial acetic acid added dropwise. Filter if necessary and mix with a solution of 3.5g of sodium chloride in 25ml of water. The precipitation must be performed in the cold due to the solubility of the precipitated lead chloride in hot water. When the product has settled well, suction filter and wash the material thoroughly with alcohol (three 20-ml portions to facilitate drying) after draining off the mother liquor completely. Drying in air yields 10g of lead(II) chloride.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 78, 1962





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lead chloride, lead chloride, (35)lead, 1-(37)chlorine-labeled, lead chloride, (35)lead-labeled, lead chloride, (37)lead-labeled, PbCl2

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Lead dichloride, Lead(II) chloride, LEAD CHLORIDE, Plumbous chloride, 7758-95-4, PbCl2, Lead(2+) chloride, Lead chloride (PbCl2), Lead (II) chloride, CCRIS 7565, HSDB 6309, EINECS 231-845-5, dichlorolead, Leaddichloride, dichloro-l2-plumbane, ACMC-1BGLJ, dichloro-lambda2-plumbane, AC1L2NG6, dichloro-lambda(2)-plumbane, KSC182M8N, 203572_ALDRICH, 268690_ALDRICH, 449865_ALDRICH, CHEBI:88212, CTK0I2686, HWSZZLVAJGOAAY-UHFFFAOYSA-L, MolPort-003-925-993, 8325AF, AKOS015833815, RTR-037787, TRA0074235, 12612-47-4, IN018794, LS-87678, TR-037787, FT-0627761, I14-19711

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Cotunnite, lead(2+) dichloride, UNII-4IL61GN3YI, lead chloride, (35)lead-labeled, lead chloride, (37)lead-labeled, CID24459, C029891, lead chloride, (35)lead, 1-(37)chlorine-labeled, 13931-84-5

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