Synthesis of hydrogen iodide

Preparation of hydrogen iodide

The hydrogen iodide could be obtained by dehydrating hydroiodic acid with phosphorus pentoxide.

Preparation of hydrogen iodide

Preparation of hydrogen iodide

The concentrated solution of hydroiodic acid added dropwise to the phosphorus pentoxide. The gas evolved was purified by passing trough a tube filled with phosphorus pentoxide and condensed with liquid nitrogen. Hydrogen iodide was distilled from the solid state and condensed in the receiver as white material.

J. Am. Chem. Soc. (5), 1728-1732, 1931





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hydriodic acid, hydroiodic acid

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Hydriodic acid, Hydroiodic acid, HYDROGEN IODIDE, 10034-85-2, Hydriotic acid, iodium, yodo, (132i)hydrogen iodide, (135i)hydrogen iodide, (3h)hydrogen iodide, IODO GROUP, (125i)hydrogen iodide, UNII-694C0EFT9Q, iodane, CHEBI:24859, CHEBI:43451, Iodine, isotope of mass 125, Iodine-125, 53I, HI, hydriodide, hydroiodide, iodamethane, Hydrogeniodid, Iodwasserstoff, Jodwasserstoff, Wasserstoffiodid, Hyriodic acid, Acido yodhidrico, Acide iodhydrique, iodure d’hydrogene, HYDROIDIC ACID, Hydrogen iodide (HI), Caswell No. 482C, Anhydrous hydriodic acid, Hydrogen iodide solution, Hydriodic acid, solution, AC1L2NPP, AC1Q4OZE, AC1Q4OZF, AC1Q4OZG, Hydrogen iodide, anhydrous, Iodure d’hydrogene anhydre, Epitope ID:117415, Acide iodhydrique [French], Acido yodhidrico [Spanish], Yoduro de hidrogeno anhidro, ACMC-1BU51, KSC176G8N, HYDRIODIC ACID, FUMING, 03206_RIEDEL, 694C0EFT9Q, CHEMBL1233550, 50486_FLUKA, 58159_FLUKA, 58160_FLUKA, CTK0H6386, HSDB 2155, MolPort-001-783-703, XMBWDFGMSWQBCA-UHFFFAOYSA-N, ZCYVEMRRCGMTRW-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 03206_SIAL, 50486_SIAL, 58159_SIAL, 58160_SIAL, KST-1A1386, KST-1A1400, KST-1A1542, KST-1A1576, LTBB002633, 210013_SIAL, 210021_SIAL, 248649_SIAL, 398098_SIAL, EINECS 233-109-9, Iodure d’hydrogene anhydre [French], AR-1A0469, AR-1A0482, AR-1A0485, AR-1A4203, UN1787, UN2197, AKOS015833254, AKOS015853961, Yoduro de hidrogeno anhidro [Spanish], EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 046912, MCULE-6152801555, RL00033, RTR-000132, SC10130, Hydriodic acid [UN1787] [Corrosive], 125I, LS-193635, RT-000089, TR-000132, FT-0627120, FT-0627248, FT-0633255, C05590, Hydriodic acid solution 1.7010g/mL 57% wt in water, Hydrogen iodide, anhydrous [UN2197] [Poison gas], 17144-19-3, 39445-43-7, 8014-90-2, 8052-26-4

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iodine, Iode, CID24841, H1221, 142733-60-6, 14318-36-6, 1492-23-5, 15071-56-4, IOD, Jod, 7553-56-2, IDO


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