Preparation of anhydrous hydrazine

Preparation of anhydrous hydrazine

Anhydrous hydrazine is prepared by removing water from hydrazine hydrate

Preparation of anhydrous hydrazine

Preparation of anhydrous hydrazine

The fractional distillation flask was charged with 100 g of hydrazine hydrate and 100 g sodium hydroxide tablets (potassium hydroxide and barium oxide could also be used). The reaction mixture is heated very slowly for two hours to the boiling point hydrazine. At this point, the all sodium hydroxide must already be dissolved in the liquid. The oil bath temperature should reach about 120 ° C. After starting the distillation flask slowly heating continued until the temperature of the oil bath reaches approximately 150° C. At this temperature pure anhydrous hydrazine is distilled. The yield is almost quantitative.

Anhydrous hydrazine is an oily strongly fuming liquid. Melting point 0 ° C and boiling 113.5 (761.5 mm Hg). Hydrazine in the flasks with ground stoppers can be stored for a log time. The substance is flammable, mixes with water and alcohols.

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HYDRAZINE, Diamine, Diazane, Hydrazines, Levoxine, Hydrazine base, Nitrogen hydride, Oxytreat 35, Hydrazin, Hydrazyna, Hydrazine solution, Hydrazyna [Polish], Hydrazine, anhydrous, Hydrazine (anhydrous), 302-01-2, RCRA waste number U133, RCRA waste no. U133, UNII-27RFH0GB4R, CCRIS 335, HSDB 544, N2H4, CHEBI:15571, OAKJQQAXSVQMHS-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 206-114-9, HYDRAZINE (HYDRAZINE SULFATE), UN2029, UN3293, HDZ, Amerzine, amino nitrogen, Zerox, Catalyzed hydrazine, Scav-Ox II, Zerox (Salt/Mix), Amerzine (Salt/Mix), H2NNH2, Hydrazine/Hydrazine sulfate, Scav-Ox II (Salt/Mix), AC1L1ST4, AC1Q54OK, 27RFH0GB4R, Nitrogen hydride, (N2H4), UN 2029 (Salt/Mix), UN 2030 (Salt/Mix), 634-62-8 (tartrate), Ambap10217-52-4, 309400_ALDRICH, 433632_ALDRICH, Catalyzed hydrazine (Salt/Mix), Jsp005701, 7803-57-8 (monohydrate), CHEMBL1237174, CTK1C2649, HMDB12973, 13464-97-6 (mononitrate), 37836-27-4 (nitrate), CREXVNNSNOKDHW-UHFFFAOYSA-N, MolPort-000-872-089, 215155_SIAL, 5341-61-7 (di-hydrochloride), STL281862, AKOS000269060, LS-1153, MCULE-8417340168, Hydrazine, aqueous solution with not >37% hydrazine, by mass [UN3293] [Poison], NCGC00188947-01, 15823-35-5 (phosphate[1:1]), 59779-45-2 (phosphate[2:1]), AN-23371, DB-007559, TR-013001, FT-0081312, FT-0627107, FT-0695036, C05361, 3B4-5038, hydrazine anhydrous,hydrazine base,diamine,hydrazine, 3B3-053542, Hydrazine, aqueous solution with not >37% hydrazine, by mass, Hydrazine, anhydrous or hydrazine aqueous solutions with >64% hydrazine, by mass, Hydrazine, aqueous solution with not >37% hydrazine, by mass [UN3293] [Poison], 119775-10-9, 31886-26-7, 75013-58-0, 78206-91-4, Hydrazine, anhydrous or hydrazine aqueous solutions with >64% hydrazine, by mass [UN2029] [Corrosive], Hydrazine, anhydrous or hydrazine aqueous solutions with >64% hydrazine, by mass [UN2029] [Corrosive], HZN

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nitrogen molecule, Hydrazine sulfate, DIAMIDE, 1184-66-3 (sulfate), CID9321, 13464-80-7 (sulfate[2:1]), C1576, H0172, H0204, H0697, D006834, 100-63-0, 7803-57-8

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