Synthesis of glucose

Preparation of glucose

Preparation of glucose

Preparation of glucose

70 g of 38% hydrochloric acid are mixed with 1500 ml of 95% alcohol, and the whole warmed on a water bath; 500 g of finely powdered cane sugar are gradually added with mechanical stirring, the temperature being kept at 50° C throughout. When all the sugar has dissolved, the liquid is filtered, cooled, seeded with 0.5 g of glucose crystals, and allowed to stand for a week at ordinary temperature. The crystals which separate are filtered off, washed with absolute alcohol, and recrystallised by dissolving in a very little hot water to form a syrup, and adding hot methyl or ethyl alcohol until the solution becomes turbid. On cooling, the glucose which separates is filtered off at the pump, and washed with absolute alcohol. Colourless crystals; very soluble in water; sparingly soluble in alcohol; m.p. 86° C (monohydrate); 146° C (anhydrous).

Systematic organic chemistry, by W. M. Cumming, 231, 1937.





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Anhydrous Dextrose, D Glucose, D-Glucose, Dextrose, Dextrose, Anhydrous, Glucose, Glucose Monohydrate, Glucose, (alpha-D)-Isomer, Glucose, (beta-D)-Isomer, Glucose, (DL)-Isomer, Glucose, (L)-Isomer, L Glucose, L-Glucose, Monohydrate, Glucose

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D-Glucose, Glucose, D-Glucopyranose, dextrose, Glucopyranose, Glucodin, Goldsugar, Meritose, Vadex, Clintose L, CPC hydrate, Roferose ST, Grape sugar, Clearsweet 95, D-Glc, Staleydex 95M, Staleydex 111, (+)-Glucose, Cerelose 2001, Tabfine 097(HS), D-Glcp, Corn sugar, CHEBI:4167, Glucopyranoside, D-Glucopyranoside, Glucopyranose, D-, Glc, (3R,4S,5S,6R)-6-(hydroxymethyl)oxane-2,3,4,5-tetrol, DSSTox_CID_2910, 2280-44-6, Glucose solution, Glucan, glc-ring, Cartose Cerelose, D-glucose-ring, Staleydex 130, Meritose 200, nchembio867-comp4, Glucose (JP16), Epitope ID:142342, AC1L1L5H, DSSTox_RID_76784, DSSTox_RID_82925, DSSTox_GSID_22910, DSSTox_GSID_48729, AC1Q28E2, GTPL4536, CHEMBL1222250, BDBM34103, CTK1A6945, HMDB00122, WQZGKKKJIJFFOK-GASJEMHNSA-N, EINECS 218-914-5, Tox21_113165, Tox21_200145, AR-1I3683, AKOS025147374, CAS-50-99-7, NCGC00166293-01, NCGC00257699-01, AN-24387, CA001722, CA012318, AB1003407, CAS-58367-01-4, FT-0622903, FT-0624557, FT-0668994, G0048, 2045-EP2270006A1, 2045-EP2270008A1, 2045-EP2270011A1, 2045-EP2270014A1, 2045-EP2272822A1, 2045-EP2272826A1, 2045-EP2275102A1, 2045-EP2275412A1, 2045-EP2277565A2, 2045-EP2277566A2, 2045-EP2277567A1, 2045-EP2277568A2, 2045-EP2277569A2, 2045-EP2277570A2, 2045-EP2277848A1, 2045-EP2277867A2, 2045-EP2280003A2, 2045-EP2284149A1, 2045-EP2284160A1, 2045-EP2287147A2, 2045-EP2287165A2, 2045-EP2287166A2, 2045-EP2289892A1, 2045-EP2292233A2, 2045-EP2292280A1, 2045-EP2292617A1, 2045-EP2292620A2, 2045-EP2292624A1, 2045-EP2295055A2, 2045-EP2295411A1, 2045-EP2295415A1, 2045-EP2295416A2, 2045-EP2295424A1, 2045-EP2295426A1, 2045-EP2295427A1, 2045-EP2295430A2, 2045-EP2295431A2, 2045-EP2295439A1, 2045-EP2298735A1, 2045-EP2298744A2, 2045-EP2298748A2, 2045-EP2298762A2, 2045-EP2298770A1, 2045-EP2298779A1, 2045-EP2301533A1, 2045-EP2301919A1, 2045-EP2301923A1, 2045-EP2301931A1, 2045-EP2301937A1, 2045-EP2305248A1, 2045-EP2305257A1, 2045-EP2305636A1, 2045-EP2305657A2, 2045-EP2305663A1, 2045-EP2305684A1, 2045-EP2305695A2, 2045-EP2305696A2, 2045-EP2305697A2, 2045-EP2305698A2, 2045-EP2308812A2, 2045-EP2308852A1, 2045-EP2311453A1, 2045-EP2311806A2, 2045-EP2311821A1, 2045-EP2311823A1, 2045-EP2311824A1, 2045-EP2311829A1, 2045-EP2311836A1, 2045-EP2311842A2, 2045-EP2314295A1, 2045-EP2314571A2, 2045-EP2314584A1, 2045-EP2377849A2, C00031, D00009, 114935-EP2270010A1, 114935-EP2292593A2, 114935-EP2298728A1, WURCS=1.0/1,0/[X2122h|1,5], D-GLUCOPYRANOSE OLIGOMERS STEARYL GLYCOSIDES, I14-53295, N_FULL/O_FULL_10000000000000_GS_656, (3R,4S,5S,6R)-6-(hydroxymethyl)tetrahydropyran-2,3,4,5-tetrol

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D-glucose, glucose, Dextropur, Dextrosol, Cerelose, Glucolin, Anhydrous dextrose, glucopyranoside, Traubenzucker, Glucosteril, D(+)-Glucose, Cartose, Sirup, Glucose liquid, Blood sugar, alpha-D-glucose, Glucose, liquid, d-glucopyranoside, alpha-D-Mannose, Dextrose solution, Sugar, grape, D-(+)-Glucose, DL-Glucose, Maxim Energy Gel, Glucose, anhydrous, Dextrose, anhydrous, Staleydex 333, alpha-D-Glucopyranose, D-Glucose, anhydrous, D-(+)-DEXTROSE, CCRIS 950, HSDB 489, CID5793, NCGC00159408-02, 50-99-7, AI3-09328, G0331, glc, 18991-62-3, 9012-72-0, 96553-96-7, MAN

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