Synthesis of formic acid-d2

Preparation of formic acid-d2

Alternative Names: Formic acid-d2; Deuterio deuterioformate; [D-2]FORMICACID;

Preparation of formic acid-d2

Preparation of formic acid-d2

10 g of anhydrous oxalic acid are recrystallized three times from 9 ml of deuterium oxide, the crystals being purified each time by sublimation at ca. 1 mm. Then obtained oxalic acid-d2 is pyrolyzed by being sublimed at ca. 1 mm through a 10-inch column filled with glass pieces and heated at 220° C. The formic acid-d2 formed is collected yielding 2.2 g from 8.8 g of oxalic acid-d2, i.e., 98%; b.p. 44-44.5°C/58 mm; nD= 1.3692 (at 20° C).

J. Chem. Phys., 8, 447 (1940);
J. Chem. Soc, 1952, 2125;
J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 79, 6210 (1957);


deuterio deuterioformate



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Formic acid-d2, 920-42-3, deuterio deuterioformate, FORMICACID-D2, (2H)Formic (2)acid, AC1L3VUC, (?H)methan(?H)oic acid, 426229_ALDRICH, CTK8F9921, DE490, EINECS 213-057-3, ((2)H)METHAN((2)H)OIC ACID, OR034695, Formic acid-D2 >99.0 Atom % D (95% in D2O), 3B1-009006

Removed Synonyms

Formic acid magnesium salt, CID123092

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