Synthesis of ethyldichloroarsine

Preparation of ethyldichloroarsine

Ethyl dichloroarsine may be obtained by the action of ethyl iodide on sodium arsenite by a method similar to that described already for the preparation of methyldichloroarsine.

Preparation of ethyldichloroarsine

Preparation of ethyldichloroarsine

In a wide-mouthed glass flask of about 2 litres capacity, fitted with a mechanical stirrer, and a condenser, 50 g of arsenious oxide are dissolved in a sodium hydroxide solution containing 60 g NaOH and 500 ml water.

A glass apparatus for the preparation of hydrazine hydrate for the preparation of ethyldichloroarsine

A glass apparatus for the preparation of hydrazine hydrate for the preparation of ethyldichloroarsine

100 g ethyl iodide are added and the stirrer started. The glass flask is then heated in a water-bath for 2 hours, the bath being gradually raised to boiling. The solution obtained is transferred to a distillation flask and heated. Ether, alcohol and excess ethyl iodide pass over, and then the residue is cooled and carefully neutralized with sulfuric acid (d=1.84), 90 g dimethyl sulfate are added and the methyl iodide is distilled off on the water-bath. After adding 500 ml concentrated hydrochloric acid (d=1.19), the remaining liquid is quickly filtered through and a rapid current of sulfur dioxide is passed through the filtrate. The solution, which is at first colored, becomes almost colorless and an oily layer is deposited at the bottom of the flask. This is separated in a separatory-funnel, dried over calcium chloride and distilled in vacuo. The yield of ethyldichloroarsine 75-80% of theoretical.

The war gases chemistry and analysis, by M. Sartory, 280-281, 1939





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ETHYLDICHLOROARSINE, Ethyldichlorarsine, Dichloroethylarsine, Arsenic dichloroethane, Arsine, dichloroethyl-, Ethylarsonous dichloride, Dick, Arsonous dichloride, ethyl-, DICK [German], Arsonous dichloride, As-ethyl-, Dichloro(ethyl)arsine, TL 214, HSDB 424, Dick (german), EINECS 209-919-3, UN1892, 598-14-1, BRN 1731722, Ethyl dichloroarsine, dichloro(ethyl)arsane, AC1L1XYI, Arsonous dichloride,As-ethyl-, SCHEMBL563433, CTK5B0535, LQSFEOMOHFPNEB-UHFFFAOYSA-N, UNII-4Z7627500U, UN 1892, Ethyldichloroarsine [UN1892] [Poison], Ethyldichloroarsine [UN1892] [Poison], LS-21827, 4Z7627500U

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CID11711, 3-04-00-01799 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), ED

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