Synthesis of dinitrogen tetroxide

Preparation of dinitrogen tetroxide (nitrogen tetroxide)

Preparation of dinitrogen tetroxide from arsenious acid

Preparation of dinitrogen tetroxide from arsenious acid

200 g arsenious acid (hydrated As2O3) in pieces the size of a pea are placed in a tubulated retort with bent neck, 200 g nitric acid (d=1.38 g/ml) poured over it, and very moderately warmed. The evolved gas passes into an empty wash bottle, is then dried by a tube filled with anhydrous calcium nitrate and is finally conducted into a wide combustion-tube which is surrounded by a freezing mixture of ice and common salt. A dark-green liquid condenses in this tube. Dry oxygen gas is conducted into it until the liquid has changed to a pure yellow, then the tube is sealed. The arsenic trioxide reduces the nitric acid passing into arsenic acid. In drying the gases calcium chloride must not be used, as they would be contaminated with chlorine, nor sulfuric acid, as it absorbs the gases forming nitrosylsulfuric acid. The condensed mixture of nitrogen trioxide and tetroxide is transformed by oxygen into pure tetroxide. The liquid should show a sp. gr. of 1.45 g/ml and boil at 25 to 26° C. On cooling rapidly it should stiffen to a colorless crystal mass, which melts at about 12° C.

Laboratory manual of inorganic preparations, by H. T. Vulte, 21-22, 1895



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dinitrogen tetroxide, nitrogen tetroxide

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Dinitrogen tetroxide, NITROGEN TETROXIDE, Nitrogen oxide (N2O4), Nitrogen tetraoxide, Di-nitrogen dioxide, Dinitrogen tetraoxide, Nitrogen oxide NO2, Nitrogen dioxide, di-, RCRA waste no. P078, HSDB 1067, Nitrogen tetroxide 10% by volume, EINECS 234-126-4, UN1067, 10544-72-6, Distickstofftetroxid, O2NNO2, UNII-M9APC3P75A, AC1Q1WJ0, Dinitrogen(II) oxide(-I), M9APC3P75A, bis(dioxidonitrogen)(N–N), CHEBI:29803, [N(NO2)O2], AKOS015916133, LS-96748, FT-0693249, Dinitrogen tetroxide [UN1067] [Poison gas], Dinitrogen tetroxide [UN1067] [Poison gas], 3B3-057037

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Nitrogen oxide, NITROGEN DIOXIDE, CID25352

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