Synthesis of copper

Preparation of elemental copper

Preparation of elemental copper from copper oxide and charcoal

Copper is prepared by reduction copper oxide with charcoal, hydrogen, etc.

Preparation of copper

Preparation of copper

Eighteen grams of copper oxide and 3 g of charcoal are used and heated over a Meker burner in a large covered crucible for about one-half hour. The red-brown powder (which is tinged with black if reduction has been incomplete), is stirred repeatedly with water to float off any carbon and then warmed, adding several 50 ml portions of 3M hydrochloric acid until all the excess oxide has dissolved, leaving the orange-brown elemental copper. Yield 12-14 g.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 4-5, 1962

Preparation of copper powder from copper sulfate and zinc

Preparation of copper powder from copper sulfate and zinc

Preparation of copper powder from copper sulfate and zinc

100 grams of pure copper sulfate pentahydrate are dissolved in 350 ml of hot water in a 1-litre beaker. After cooling the solution to the room temperature, 35 grams (or more, if necessary) of high grade zinc powder are gradually added, with constant stirring, until the solution is decolorized. The precipitated copper is washed by decantation with water and treated with 5% hydrochloric acid in order to remove the excess of zinc. The stirring is continued until the evolution of hydrogen ceases. The copper powder is filtered, washed with water, and kept in a moist condition (as a paste) in a stoppered bottle.

A text book of practical organic chemistry, by A. I. Vogel, 192, 1974

Preparation of copper powder for diazotization reactions

Preparation of copper powder for diazotization reactions

Preparation of copper powder for diazotization reactions

For the preparation of the copper powder, zinc dust is sifted through a fairly fine sieve into a cold saturated solution of copper sulfate until the latter is decolorized. The liquid is then poured off from the precipitated copper and the copper washed twice with distilled water. It is then shaken up with dilute hydrochloric acid to remove excess of zinc dust, and when no more hydrogen is evolved the acid liquors are poured off and the residue washed with distilled water. The copper powder obtained by such method is very readily oxidized by the air and is best preserved as a paste in well-stoppered bottles.

Preparation of organic compounds, E. de. Barry Barnett, 75, 1912





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Copper (II) ion, Cu(II), COPPER (I) ION, Cu2+, Copper, isotope of mass 64, CID23978, D003300, 14120-29-7, 1602-42-2, M3S, Cu+, CU1, CUN

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