Synthesis of chromic bromide

Preparation of chromium(III) bromide

Preparation of chromium(III) bromide

Preparation of chromium(III) bromide

15 g of chromium(III) oxide and 6 g of charcoal are ground together with just enough starch paste to yield a very viscous plastic mass. The starch paste may be prepared by boiling 100 ml of water with about 10 g of soluble starch until no more dissolves, decanting the solution from any undissolved material and allowing it to cool. The chromium(III) oxide-carbon mass is shaped into pellets 6-10 mm in diameter and dried thoroughly at 100° C. The brittle pellets are placed in an open combustion tube and heated for one hour at 500° C in a circular oven. The obtained mass is placed in the center of a combustion tube and the latter is placed in a tube oven with temperature control. 25 ml of bromine are placed in a distilling flask fitted with an inlet for carbon dioxide. The side arm of the flask is attached to the combustion tube. A slow stream of carbon dioxide is passed through the bromine warmed to 50° C in a water bath. The exit end of the combustion tube is fitted with a wide-mouth receiver that carries an outlet tube for the carbon dioxide. The reaction is maintained at 600-700 °C until all the bromine has been volatilized; the dark olivegreen scale of product partially sublimes into the cooler end of the tube and receiver in almost quantitative yield.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 21, 1962





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chromium(3+) tribromide, Chromium(III) bromide, Chromium bromide(CrBr3), UNII-WZB719DDER, WZB719DDER, AC1L335G, CTK3J8772, AR-1I2315, IN001121, IN005788

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Chromium tribromide, CID82309, 10031-25-1, 100753-38-6

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