Synthesis of cerium(III) chloride (cerous chloride, cerium trichloride)

Preparation of cerium(III) chloride

Preparation of cerium(III) chloride (cerous chloride, cerium trichloride)

Preparation of cerium(III) chloride (cerous chloride, cerium trichloride)

85 ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid is mixed with 40 ml of water and poured into the 500 ml flask. 48 g of cerium(IV) oxide are added to the solution of hydrochloric acid. The solution is warmed gently until the reaction starts and heated for 5 minutes. When the reaction is complete the solution is filtered and evaporated to 70 ml. The obtained solution is poured into a small crystallizing dish, cover with a watch glass, cooled slowly. The obtained crystals are separated by filtration, and the additional amount could be obtained from the filtrate.

Synthetic inorganic chemistry, by A. A. Blanchard, 286-287, 1936





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CeCl3, cerium trichloride, cerium(III) chloride, cerous chloride, cerous chloride heptahydrate, cerous chloride hexahydrate, cerous chloride octahydrate, cerous chloride, 141Ce-labeled, cerous chloride, 144Ce-labeled

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7790-86-5, Cerium(III)chloride, Cerium(III) Chloride, Anhydrous, 11098-86-5, cerium-chloride, Cerium-144 chloride, cerium (III) chloride, cerium(3+) trichloride, AC1L2NKN, AC1Q1RLM, AC1Q1RLN, ACMC-1BJ9B, TH8E3IE00V, cerium(+3) cation trichloride, CTK2H9750, CERIUM CHLORIDE OCTAHYDRATE, MolPort-001-756-333, VYLVYHXQOHJDJL-UHFFFAOYSA-K, Cerous chloride; Cerium trichloride, ANW-41101, AKOS015833126, RP28752, RTR-024991, TRA-0205987, BP-30195, Cerium chloride, labeled with cerium-144, LS-52773, LS-52776, SC-18825, SC-46800, AB1003886, KB-251157, TR-024991, C2058, FT-0689785, V0887, 15785-07-6, 39290-87-4, 63938-95-4

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Cerous chloride, Cerium(III) chloride, CERIUM CHLORIDE, Cerium trichloride, Cerous(III) chloride, Cerium chloride (CeCl3), UNII-TH8E3IE00V, CCRIS 6888, CID24636, EINECS 232-227-8, IN1417, NSC 84267, AI3-51764, 18618-55-8

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