Synthesis of calcium trichloroacetate

Preparation of calcium trichloroacetate

Alternative Names: TCA-calcium; Calciumtrichloroacetate; TCA-calcium;

Preparation of calcium trichloroacetate

Preparation of calcium trichloroacetate

Calcium trichloroacetate is prepared by the careful neutralization of the trichloroacetic acid with calcium carbonate. The excess calcium carbonate is filtered and the obtained solution is allowed to evaporate in a large dish. By this method, the air-dried salt crystallizes with three moles of water. In order to obtain the anhydrous salt 50 g of the air-dried calcium trichloroacetate trihydrate are placed in a drying “pistol”, the dryer is charged with phosphorus pentoxide and subjected to a vacuum of a few microns. The drying process last about 80 hours, with several replacements of drying agent. The product is anhydrous when it failed to hydrate the phosphorus pentoxide visibly at 70° C after several hours.

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1951, 73 (2), pp 769–770





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Calcium trichloroacetate, 21348-16-3, TCA-calcium, calciumtrichloroacetate, TCA-calcium [ISO], AC1L3GO1, UNII-491SS42JXK, 491SS42JXK, SCHEMBL6553609, calcium 2,2,2-trichloroacetate, CALCIUM DITRICHLOROACETATE, CTK4E6560, EINECS 244-339-4, IN005014, OR242045, Aceticacid, 2,2,2-trichloro-, calcium salt (2:1)

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