Synthesis of butyryl chloride

Preparation of butyryl chloride

Preparation of butyryl chloride

Preparation of butyryl chloride

To a round bottom flask fitted with a funnel 38 grams of oxalyl chloride are placed. 20 g of dry butyric acid were added slowly to the oxalyl chloride from a funnel. Soon the odor peculiar to all acid chlorides were perceptible, while the ester odor of butyric anhydride was entirely absent. 15 g of the acid chloride was obtained with boiling point 99-101°. According to literature  100-101.5°. The yield was 63%.

Oxalyl chloride and oxalyl bromide as reagents in organic chemistry, L.H. Ulich, 25, 1918


butanoyl chloride



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Butyryl chloride, Butanoyl chloride, 141-75-3, N-BUTYRYL CHLORIDE, Butyroyl chloride, Butyric acid chloride, Butyric chloride, N-BUTANOYL CHLORIDE, UNII-2XVM8E16IR, CCRIS 5989, HSDB 6016, DVECBJCOGJRVPX-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 205-498-5, UN2353, Butyrylchloride, butryl chloride, butyroylchloride, C-4 Acyl halide, methylpropionyl chloride, PubChem13241, n-Butyric acid chloride, TETRANOYL CHLORIDE, AC1L1RTY, AC1Q2ULE, DSSTox_CID_4710, AC1Q3GA2, SCHEMBL2819, 2XVM8E16IR, DSSTox_RID_77508, DSSTox_GSID_24710, KSC176I1T, 109614_ALDRICH, 236349_ALDRICH, Jsp002456, CHEMBL1300263, 19310_FLUKA, CTK0H6419, MolPort-000-871-699, BB_SC-6847, Tox21_200294, ANW-20643, AR-1I1100, BBL011417, LS-830, SBB040624, STL146523, ZINC02040974, AKOS000121193, JC10140, MCULE-3288175193, RP04283, RTR-032115, UN 2353, NCGC00091749-01, NCGC00091749-02, NCGC00257848-01, AN-23211, CAS-141-75-3, CJ-32451, KB-48538, SC-18924, TR-032115, B0770, FT-0623352, ST50214053, Y7512, Butyryl chloride [UN2353] [Flammable liquid], 28369-EP2314578A1, Butyryl chloride [UN2353] [Flammable liquid], 111096-EP2270006A1, 111096-EP2270011A1, 111096-EP2270018A1, 111096-EP2277878A1, 111096-EP2292619A1, 111096-EP2298780A1, 3B4-0747, S04-0161, InChI=1/C4H7ClO/c1-2-3-4(5)6/h2-3H2,1H

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CID8855, 14334-10-2

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