Synthesis of bromopicrin

Preparation of bromopicrin

Preparation of bromopicrin from picric acid

Preparaqtion of bromopicrin

Preparaqtion of bromopicrin

40 g of calcium oxide and 500 ml of water are mixed in a flask. 60 g of bromine are then added in small portions while the flask is shaken and externally cooled to prevent an excessive rise in temperature. 10 g of picric acid is then added and the mixture distilled under reduced pressure. The bromopicrin passes over in the first fractions of the distillate. It is separated from the water and dried over calcium hydroxide.

The war gases chemistry and analysis, by M. Sartory, 174-175, 1939.





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Tribromonitromethane, Bromopicrin, tribromo(nitro)methane, Methane, tribromonitro-, Nitrobromoform, Nitrotribromomethane, 464-10-8, Methane, nitrotribromo-, CCRIS 5977, Bromopicrin (tribromonitromethane), EINECS 207-348-4, BRN 1756139, AC1L1UDT, AC1Q23YO, UNII-3412AKG60Q, SCHEMBL1775867, CTK1D7259, MolPort-006-111-341, QQZIUHOKWDFXEY-UHFFFAOYSA-N, 3412AKG60Q, AR-1L7084, LS-1279, MCULE-7063790563, AN-45102, ST45021444

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Bromopicrin Tribromonitromethane, CID10046, 4-01-00-00106 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), 49639-26-1

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