Synthesis of boron phosphate

Preparation of boron phosphate

Preparation of boron phosphate

Preparation of boron phosphate

12 g of boric acid are heated on the steam bath with 20 ml of sirupy phosphoric acid (85%) in an evaporating dish. The mixture gradually thickens to a stiff paste and a spatula should be used to keep it from adhering to the sides of the vessel. When the reaction mass has become sufficiently hard and dry, it is ground to a coarse powder in a mortar and re-transferred to the basin. The latter is heated for about two hours on a sand bath with the full flame of a Tirrell burner. The material shrinks considerably in volume due to loss of water and becomes a fine dry powder. The material is finally dehydrated by heating in a large crucible for one hour over a Meker burner. On cooling, the mass is readily separated from the crucible and reground. It is then boiled for 15 to 30 minutes with a mixture of 200 ml of water and 5 ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid to remove any excess of partially reacted starting material. After filtration by suction the white product is dried at 100° C. The yield of boron phosphate 87%. Boron phosphate is vigorously decomposed by hot con centrated alkali to give sodium borate and phosphate.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 41-42, 1962


2,4,5-trioxa-1$l^{5}-phospha-3-borabicyclo[1.1.1]pentane 1-oxide



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BORON PHOSPHATE, 2,4,5-trioxa-1-phospha-3-borabicyclo[1.1.1]pentane 1-oxide, 13308-51-5, Boron orthophosphate, 2,4,5-trioxa-1, AC1Q6TD6, Boron phosphate (B(PO4)), AC1L357L, CTK8D6263, EINECS 236-337-7, AR-1D2978, HE267048, IN000323, IN009663, 3B4-3803, 2,4,5-trioxa-1|E?-phospha-3-borabicyclo[1.1.1]pentan-1-one, 2,4,5-trioxa-1$l^{5}-phospha-3-borabicyclo[1.1.1]pentan-1-one, 2,4,5-TRIOXA-1??-PHOSPHA-3-BORABICYCLO[1.1.1]PENTAN-1-ONE, 12359-99-8, 12446-87-6, 12627-80-4, 35020-53-2, 36645-73-5

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CID83329, 41287-03-0, 39409-67-1

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