Synthesis of bismuth pentoxide

Preparation of bismuth pentoxide

Preparation of bismuth pentoxide

Preparation of bismuth pentoxide

Twenty grams of freshly powdered bismuth nitrate 5 hydrate are slowly added to a mechanically stirred solution of 50 g potassium hydroxide in 100 ml water at the boiling point. Heating is continued for 15 minutes with stirring and then 20 g of well-ground potassium ferricyanide are added over a period of 5-10 minutes. After the addition, agitation is maintained for 5 minutes longer and then 400 ml of water are added. The residue is washed thoroughly by decantation after settling, drained well, and stirred continuously for one hour with a mixture of 200 ml of water and 20 ml of concentrated nitric acid. The deep purple material is filtered off after cooling, washed with cold water and then dried in vacuum. The yield 6 g.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 8, 1962





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Depositor-Supplied Synonyms

bismuth(3+), UNII-ZS9CD1I8YE, Bismuth(III) tert-pentoxide, Bi(3+), 124687-44-1, Bismuth (III) ion, Bismut(III)-ion, Wismut(III)-ion, Bi(III) cation, bisumth(3+) ion, bismuth(III) cation, Bismuth, ion (Bi3+), ZS9CD1I8YE, AC1L2Y4B, CHEBI:85545, CTK8E6520, HMDB02196, RT-011556, 23713-46-4

Removed Synonyms

BISMUTH, Bismuth-209, CID105143, BI

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