Synthesis of bis(chloromethyl) ether

Preparation of bis(chloromethyl) ether

Prepartion of bis(chloromethyl) ether

Prepartion of bis(chloromethyl) ether

To the round-bottom flask equipped with stirrer, dropping funnel and glass tube to lead the gas formed in the reaction to an aspirator 30 g of paraformaldehyde and 40 g of 80% sulfuric acid are placed. Reaction flask is cooled to 0° C and 175 g chlorosulfonic acid are slowly added drop-wise. During addition temperature should not rise above 10° C. Reaction takes from 1 to 2 hours then the product is poured into a dry separatory funnel, the upper oily layer separated and washed with dilute sodium carbonate, and finally distilled at 105° C. The yield  of final product – 80-90%.

The war gases chemistry and analysis, by M. Sartory, 93, 1939





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Bis(Chloromethyl) Ether, Bis(Chloromethyl)Ether, Chloromethyl Ether, Dichloromethyl Ether, Ether, Chloromethyl, Ether, Dichloromethyl

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BIS(CHLOROMETHYL) ETHER, Bis(chloromethyl)ether, Chloromethyl ether, BCME, Chloro(chloromethoxy)methane, 542-88-1, sym-Dichloromethyl ether, Ether, bis(chloromethyl), Oxybis[chloromethane], Methane, oxybis[chloro-, RCRA waste number P016, sym-Dichloro-dimethyl ether, 1,1′-Dichlorodimethyl ether, Dichlordimethylaether, Dimethyl-1,1′-dichloroether, Bis-CME, Oxybis(chloromethane), Dichlorodimethyl ether, Monochloromethyl Ether, Bis-(chloromethyl)ether, Dichlorodimethyl ether, symmetrical, Methane, oxybis(chloro-, RCRA waste no. P016, CCRIS 90, Dichlordimethylaether [German], HSDB 501, CHEBI:82270, Dichloromethyl ether, symmetrical, HRQGCQVOJVTVLU-UHFFFAOYSA-N, Methane, 1,1′-oxybis[1-chloro-, EINECS 208-832-8, UN2249, BRN 1679223, Methane, 1,1′-oxybis(1-chloro-, (Monochloromethyl) ether, DSSTox_CID_173, s-Di(chloromethyl) ether, SCHEMBL998, AC1L1WC5, DSSTox_RID_75416, DSSTox_GSID_20173, Chloro(chloromethoxy) methane, chloro-(chloromethoxy)methanE, Bis(chloromethyl)ether (BCME), CHEMBL3185875, chloro-(chloromethyloxy)-methane, UNII-77382IHE37, CTK8F8172, BIS(2-CHLOROMETHYL) ETHER, Tox21_200840, STL280338, ZINC04202480, AKOS006273599, 77382IHE37, LS-7225, MCULE-6476086606, UN 2249, .alpha.,.alpha.’-Dichlorodimethyl ether, NCGC00248846-01, NCGC00258394-01, A077, AN-21349, CAS-542-88-1, DB-007292, FT-0081111, FT-0623056, B18900, C19158, 4-01-00-03051 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), S14-1138, 3B3-062118, Dichlorodimethyl ether, symmetrical [UN2249] [Poison], Dichlorodimethyl ether, symmetrical [UN2249] [Poison]

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Dichloromethyl ether, Ether, Chloromethyl, Ether, Dichloromethyl, Methane, oxybis(chloro)-, CID10967, D001725

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