Synthesis of benzyl benzoate

Preparation of benzyl benzoate

Preparation of benzyl benzoate

Preparation of benzyl benzoate

A solution of 0.75 g of sodium in 18 g of benzyl alcohol (previously dried over potassium hydroxide and redistilled) is heated on a water bath using a calcium chloride tube on the flask, and added to 75 g of benzaldehyde (previously dried over calcium chloride and distilled in a current of carbon dioxide). The whole is heated on a water bath for 20 hours, and acidified with 5 ml of glacial acetic acid. Water is added, and the oil which separates dried over calcium chloride and distilled in a high-temperature distilling flask. Some unchanged benzaldehyde comes over; the fraction 320-326° C is retained. Yield 80%, colourless crystals; insoluble in water; m.p. 20° C; b.p. 323° C.

Systematic organic chemistry, by W. M. Cumming, 264, 1937.


benzyl benzoate



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Acaril, Acarosan, Ansar, Antiscabiosum, Ascabiol, Benzanil, Benzemul, benzyl benzoate, Benzylbenzoaat Smeersel FNA, Novoscabin

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BENZYL BENZOATE, 120-51-4, Ascabiol, Novoscabin, Scabitox, Peruscabin, Ascabin, Benylate, Benzylets, Colebenz, Scabagen, Scabanca, Scabide, Scabiozon, Scobenol, Vanzoate, Benzoic acid, phenylmethyl ester, Benzoic acid benzyl ester, Benzoic acid, benzyl ester, Antiscabiosum, Benzyl phenylformate, Phenylmethyl benzoate, Benzylis benzoas, Benzyl benzenecarboxylate, benzylbenzoate, Venzonate, Benzyl alcohol benzoic ester, Benzylbenzenecarboxylate, Peruscabina, Spasmodin, Venzoate, Benzylum benzoicum, Benzylester kyseliny benzoove, Benzoesaeurebenzylester, Caswell No. 082, FEMA Number 2138, NSC 8081, Benzyl benzoate (natural), CHEMBL1239, UNII-N863NB338G, FEMA No. 2138, HSDB 208, CHEBI:41237, SESFRYSPDFLNCH-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 204-402-9, Benzylester kyseliny benzoove [Czech], SBB058609, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 009501, BRN 2049280, NCGC00094981-03, AI3-00523, DSSTox_CID_9153, DSSTox_RID_78686, DSSTox_GSID_29153, BZM, CAS-120-51-4, SMR000471875, acil, Acarilbial, Acarobenzyl, Benzilbenzoat, Pharcobenzyl, Saniscabis, Spasmodine, Acarsan, Ascalol, Benzalcor, Benzevan, Benzogal, Benzotal, Finsarna, Gensarna, Miticocan, Sanasar, Scabicon, Scabiex, Scabisol, Zilaben, Scabin, Tekoce, Opele, Benzyl benzoat, Bezo, Benzyl ester, Acaril-S, 1dzm, Benylate (TN), benzoic acid benzyl, Benzoate de benzyle, B.B. Lotion, Benzoesaurebenzylester, Spectrum_001240, Antiscabiosum fur Kinder, BE BO, Spectrum2_000532, Spectrum3_001757, Spectrum4_000773, Spectrum5_001128, Benzyl benzoate 99+ %, ACMC-1C8AP, PS904_SUPELCO, WLN: RVO1R, AC1L1DH0, SCHEMBL3038, Benzyl benzoate [USP:JAN], BSPBio_003494, KBioGR_001186, KBioSS_001720, Benzyl benzoate [USAN:JAN], KSC174Q0R, MLS001066412, MLS001336003, MLS001336004, B6630_SIGMA, DivK1c_000204, SPECTRUM1503002, W213802_ALDRICH, W213810_ALDRICH, SPBio_000543, Benzyl benzoate (JP16/USP), AC1Q661C, B6630_SIAL, B9550_SIAL, ZINC1021, 12390_FLUKA, 12392_FLUKA, BENZOIC ACID,BENZYL ESTER, CTK0H4808, HMS500K06, KBio1_000204, KBio2_001720, KBio2_004288, KBio2_006856, KBio3_002714, NSC8081, NINDS_000204, HMS1921P16, HMS2092F20, HMS2269D24, N863NB338G, Pharmakon1600-01503002, HY-B0935, NSC-8081, Tox21_111372, Tox21_201337, Tox21_303418, ANW-17509, AR-1H9503, BDBM50134035, BENZOIC ACID PHENYLMETHYLESTER, CCG-39578, DNC014821, NSC758204, ZINC00001021, AKOS003495939, Tox21_111372_1, DB00676, DB02775, LS-2573, MCULE-4369643785, NSC-758204, RL00855, RTR-003391, IDI1_000204, NCGC00094981-01, NCGC00094981-02, NCGC00094981-04, NCGC00094981-05, NCGC00094981-07, NCGC00257502-01, NCGC00258889-01, AC-17033, AN-22825, KB-75431, OR011551, ZB000222, DB-041563, TR-003391, B0064, FT-0622708, ST50406335, A19449, C12537, D01138, 4-09-00-00307 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), I14-6951, Q-200696, T6858236, 3B3-020249, Benzoic acid benzyl ester; Benzoic acid phenylmethyl ester, InChI=1/C14H12O2/c15-14(13-9-5-2-6-10-13)16-11-12-7-3-1-4-8-12/h1-10H,11H

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Acarosan, Benzanil, Benzemul, Acaril, Ansar, o-Benzylbenzoic acid, Benzyl 2-naphthyl ether, Benzylbenzoaat Smeersel FNA, CID2345, C006723, 95931-02-5

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