Synthesis of benzophenone oxime

Preparation of benzophenone oxime

Alternative Names: Diphenylmethanone oxime; Benzophenoxime; Diphenyl ketoxime; Methanone, diphenyl-, oxime;

Preparation of benzophenone oxime

Preparation of benzophenone oxime

10 g pure benzophenone and 12 g hydroxylamine hydrochloride are dissolved in a mixture of 130 ml alcohol and 80 ml water, and after the addition of a solution of 20 g sodium hydroxide in 30 ml water are boiled for an hour under reflux condenser. The reaction mixture is then treated with a large quantity of water and acidified with dilute sulfuric acid, whereupon the benzophenoneoxime separates out in crystalline form. After standing for some hours the product is filtered, washed with water and dried. The yield is almost quantitative, and the substance is pure without further treatment. Melting point 141° C.

Introduction to the preparation of organic compounds, E. Fisher, 120, 1909





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Benzophenone oxime, Diphenylmethanone oxime, Benzophenoxime, 574-66-3, Diphenyl ketoxime, Methanone, diphenyl-, oxime, BENZOPHENONE, OXIME, (Diphenylmethylene)hydroxylamine, Benzhydryl oxime resin, Benzaldoxime, polymer-bound, Benzophenone oxime, polymer-bound, DNYZBFWKVMKMRM-UHFFFAOYSA-N, N-(diphenylmethylidene)hydroxylamine, EINECS 209-373-6, NSC 20724, SBB058413, BRN 1869643, AI3-52535, (hydroxyimino)diphenylmethane, Benzophenoneoxime, Diphenylketone oxime, ACMC-20alpw, BENZOPHE OXIME, diphenyl-methanone oxime, Methanone diphenyl oxime, Methanone, diphenyl-,oxime, UNII-2DLJ8C37DQ, 2DLJ8C37DQ, N-benzhydrylidenehydroxylamine, SCHEMBL273196, N-benzhydrylidene-hydroxylamine, 564176_ALDRICH, AC1L1X41, SCHEMBL3157921, CTK5A6904, MolPort-001-779-996, EBD27120, NSC20724, NSC-20724, ZINC00157201, AKOS004902040, MCULE-7877312029, AN-46012, KB-47690, LS-38947, OR022168, OR287637, ZB006598, DB-022587, TC-167819, FT-0622722, ST50405824, 4-07-00-01367 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), A831447, AH-214/02403028, 3B3-018821

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Methanone, oxime, CID11324

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