Synthesis of barium thiosulfate

Preparation of barium thiosulfate monohydrate

Preparation of barium thiosulfate monohydrate

Preparation of barium thiosulfate monohydrate

To a solution of 35 g of barium chloride dihydrate in 100ml of distilled water are added 35.5 g of solid sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate. The mixture is stirred until the latter dissolves. The barium thiosulfate monohydrate is filtered by suction, washed with three 20 ml portions of ice-cold water, and then with a similar quantity of 95% alcohol. Barium thiosulfate is dried in air yielding 95%.

Inorganic laboratory preparations, by G. G. Schlessinger, 45, 1962





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Barium thiosulfate, 35112-53-9, barium sulfurothioate, Barium thiosulphate, Bariumthiosulfate, barium(2+) hypo, ACMC-20alqo, UNII-GPA80950AB, BARIUM THIOSULFATE H2O, GPA80950AB, CTK4H3669, AC1L5466, EINECS 252-375-7, 5543AF, AR-1H7762, AKOS015916366, IN000961, IN015084, TC-167847, Thiosulfuric acid(H2S2O3), barium salt (1:1), Thiosulfuric acid (H2S2O3), barium salt (1:1), 3B4-4296, I14-51946, barium(2+) ion 1-oxo-1|E?-disulfene-1,1-bis(olate)

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CID169663, barium(2+); dioxido-oxo-sulfanylidene-, 36125-59-4

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