Synthesis of acetaldoxime

Preparation of acetaldoxime

Preparation of acetaldoxime

Preparation of acetaldoxime

A cold solution of sodium hydroxide (1.5 moles) in water (180 ml.) was added to hydroxylamine hydrochloride (2 moles) in water (300 ml.). Acetaldehyde (1 mole) was added slowly, then enough ethanol for homogeneity at the b.p. After 1 hr. of reflux, followed by cooling, solids were separated by filtration and oils by removing ethanol, extracting with ether or benzene, and distilling (bp 114–115◦C).

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acetaldehyde oxime, acetaldoxime, aldoxime

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Acetaldoxime, ACETALDEHYDE OXIME, Ethanal oxime, Ethylidenehydroxylamine, Aldoxime, (1E)-acetaldehyde oxime, Hydroiminoethane, USAF AM-5, Acetaldehyde, oxime, n-hydroxyethanimine, (E)-CH3CH=NOH, acetaldehyde, oxime, (1E)-, (1E)-Ethanal oxime, UNII-G2YQ9T90UB, 107-29-9, (NE)-N-ethylidenehydroxylamine, CCRIS 1379, HSDB 2662, NSC 4974, EINECS 203-479-6, UN2332, BRN 1209252, AI3-52258, Acetaldehyde oxime, mixture of syn and anti, Acetaldehyde oxime [UN2332] [Flammable liquid], (E)-acetaldehyde oxime, N-ethylidenehydroxylamine, Acetaldoxime,syn & anti, (1E)-Ethanal oxime #, Acetaldehyde, oxime, (E)-, (E)-N-ethylidenehydroxylamine, FZENGILVLUJGJX-NSCUHMNNSA-N, Z-Acetaldoxime, UN 2332, (E)-Acetaldoxime, trans-Acetaldehyde oxime, AC1NT4XM, Acetaldoxime, syn + anti, bmse000467, InChI=1/C2H5NO/c1-2-3-4/h2,4H,1H3/b3-2, AC1Q4U5K, A1002_ALDRICH, G2YQ9T90UB, Acetaldehyde oxime, (1E)-, 407763_ALDRICH, AC1Q2A40, 00150_FLUKA, CHEBI:28465, CHEBI:50718, HMDB03656, MolPort-003-925-036, MolPort-005-273-808, 5780-37-0, 6860AF, AR-1K7199, LS-437, ZINC87515522, AKOS009031569, NE10144, RP18249, RTR-031652, SC-16388, TR-031652, FT-0621724, EN300-19770, Acetaldehyde oxime [UN2332] [Flammable liquid], 4-01-00-03121 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), Acetaldehyde oxime, mixture of syn and anti solution, I05-0462, W-108754, UNII-ME6U10SD7D component FZENGILVLUJGJX-NSCUHMNNSA-N

Removed Synonyms

Acetoxime, C2H5NO, UNII-ME6U10SD7D, CID5324279, C023728, 5416-84-2, AAO

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