Synthesis of 5-aminoisoquinoline

Preparation of 5-aminoisoquinoline

Preparation of 5-aminoisoquinoline

Preparation of 5-aminoisoquinoline

A solution of 8.7 g. of 5-nitroisoquinoline in 150 ml. of absolute ethanol is agitated in an atmosphere of hydrogen (Org. Syntheses Coll. Vol. 1, 66 (1941)) at 3 atm. pressure in the presence of 3 g. of Raney nickel catalyst. Three hours is required to absorb the calculated amount of hydrogen. The catalyst is removed by filtration, the ethanol is removed by evaporation of the filtrate, and the residue is dissolved in chloroform. The hot chloroform solution is treated with charcoal and filtered. Evaporation of the chloroform filtrate to incipient precipitation and pouring the solution into ligroin causes the precipitation of 5.8 g. (80%) of 5-aminoisoquinoline, m.p. 128-129°.

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 64, 783 (1942).





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5-Aminoisoquinoline, isoquinolin-5-amine, 1125-60-6, 5-Isoquinolinamine, isoquinolin-5-ylamine, Isoquinoline, 5-amino-, 5-aminoisoquinolin, 5-isoquinolylamine, 5-amino-isoquinoline, MLS000090034, DTVYNUOOZIKEEX-UHFFFAOYSA-N, SMR000024652, 5IQ, AC-907/25014246, 5aminoisoquinoline, Isoquinol-5-ylamine, 5-amino isoquinoline, PubChem7569, AC1L2ET7, AC1Q4YF9, ACMC-1C3K7, cid_70766, KSC174M2F, SCHEMBL116945, 136107_ALDRICH, AC1Q52B0, AC1Q52B8, CHEMBL216973, SCHEMBL3229262, BDBM32097, CTK0H4622, Isoquinoline, 5-amino- (8CI), MolPort-000-141-161, HMS2490J12, ZINC154819, ACN-S003765, ACT01958, NSC46880, STR02190, EINECS 214-408-3, ANW-16490, AR-1G8628, CA-022, NSC 46880, NSC-46880, RW2953, SBB004127, ZINC00154819, AKOS001204389, AC-7303, AN-1264, DB04605, MCULE-3485758539, PS-4940, QC-1947, RP01407, RTC-061991, TRA0057249, AJ-13393, AK-25297, BC213575, BP-21480, BR-25297, CJ-01380, HE000830, KB-73244, SC-00394, SY005585, U223, ZB005894, AI3-61886, DB-029056, TC-061991, TL8000363, AM20070292, EU-0077887, FT-0620020, ST24033223, ST50823919, EN300-11876, A26438, M-7555, T5512454, W-108646, 3B3-002654, Isoquinol-5-ylamine;isoquinolin-5-amine;5-Aminoisoquinoline, InChI=1/C9H8N2/c10-9-3-1-2-7-6-11-5-4-8(7)9/h1-6H,10H

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CID70766, A1465, 6310-35-6

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