Synthesis of 4-aminophenol

Preparation of 4-aminophenol

Preparation of 4-aminophenol

Preparation of 4-aminophenol

5 g of phenylhydroxylamine are slowly added to 100 ml of 50% sulphuric acid, cooled in a freezing mixture, 500 ml of water poured in, and the whole boiled until a sample, tested with chromic acid solution, gives a smell of quinone and no smell of nitrobenzene. The liquid is neutralised with sodium bicarbonate, saturated with common salt, and extracted with ether. The ether is removed by evaporation, and the residue washed with cold water and dissolved in hot water. The solution is filtered hot, and cooled, and the 4-aminophenol again extracted with ether. Yield almost theoretical. Colourless crystals; somewhat soluble in water; m.p. 185° C.

Systematic organic chemistry, by W. M. Cumming, 209, 1937.





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4-aminophenol, 4-aminophenol conjugate monoacid, 4-aminophenol hydrochloride, 4-aminophenol monopotassium salt, 4-aminophenol monosodium salt, 4-aminophenol sulfate, 4-aminophenol sulfate (2:1), 4-aminophenol, 18O-labeled, 4-aminophenol, 3H-labeled, 4-aminophenol, ion(1+), 4-hydroxyaniline, p-aminophenol, p-aminophenol phosphate, para-aminophenol

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4-aminophenol, p-aminophenol, 4-hydroxyaniline, 123-30-8, p-hydroxyaniline, Paranol, Phenol, 4-amino-, Activol, 4-aminobenzenol, Fouramine P, Certinal, Citol, Azol, p-Hydroxyphenylamine, 4-Amino-1-hydroxybenzene, Ursol P Base, Rodinal, Phenol, p-amino-, 4-AMINO-PHENOL, Benzofur P, 1-Amino-4-hydroxybenzene, Fourrine P Base, Pelagol P Base, Tertral P Base, Furro P Base, Nako Brown R, Ursol P, Durafur Brown RB, Renal AC, Fourrine 84, Zoba Brown P Base, UNAL, BASF Ursol P Base, Para-aminophenol, Pelagol Grey P Base, C.I. Oxidation Base 6, Paramidophenol, p-Aminofenol, Aminophenol, p-, p-Aminofenol [Czech], Energol, p-aminobenzenol, CHEBI:17602, C.I. 76550, NSC 1545, UNII-R7P8FRP05V, CCRIS 4146, HSDB 2640, C.I. Oxidation Base 6A, PLIKAWJENQZMHA-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 204-616-2, p-Aminophenol [UN2512] [Poison], NCGC00090816-01, NCGC00090816-02, CI 76550, AI3-14872, DSSTox_CID_4499, DSSTox_RID_77429, DSSTox_GSID_24499, 4NL, CAS-123-30-8, Kodelon, Takatol, para aminophenol, p-amino-phenol, 4-amino phenol, 4-aminophenol?, 4-hydroxy-aniline, para-hydroxyaniline, Phenol,4-amino-, 4-hydroxyphenylamine, phenol derivative, 9, Furro P (Salt/Mix), PubChem22199, Peltol P (Salt/Mix), ACMC-209aoj, Pelagol CP (Salt/Mix), Futramine P (Salt/Mix), WLN: ZR DQ, bmse000462, Epitope ID:117708, SCHEMBL3424, PHENOXY, 4-AMINO-, CHEMBL1142, R7P8FRP05V, A71328_ALDRICH, 51-78-5 (hydrochloride), Durafur Brown R (Salt/Mix), KSC354Q5H, MLS001066356, 60034_ALDRICH, Pelagol Grey CP (Salt/Mix), 35837_RIEDEL, 60034_RIEDEL, AC1L195P, AC1Q523T, AC1Q523U, SGCUT00256, 35837_FLUKA, BDBM26195, HMDB01169, NSC1545, MolPort-001-641-054, BB_SC-6973, NSC-1545, to_000006, ZINC4623758, Tox21_113242, Tox21_113477, Tox21_201030, ANW-18113, BBL011574, DNC009561, LS-676, p-Aminophenol [UN2512] [Poison], SBB059792, STK286017, ZINC04623758, AKOS000119829, AKOS016371265, Tox21_113477_1, AM86423, AS04549, MCULE-3319647085, RP18925, TRA0083709, UN 2512, NCGC00090816-03, NCGC00090816-04, NCGC00090816-05, NCGC00258583-01, AJ-51764, AK-46590, AN-22912, AN-24398, BC227837, CJ-12175, I924, KB-79942, OR034586, OR175457, OR296084, SMR000471841, ST088538, 63084-98-0 (sulfate [2:1]), AB1009438, KB-189354, ST2405553, TR-003672, A0384, FT-0617593, 9225-EP2275420A1, 9225-EP2280008A2, 9225-EP2308872A1, 9225-EP2316829A1, C02372, L-1224, 135807-EP2371803A1, 135807-EP2377843A1, AJ-333/25022099, 3B4-3223, I01-0483, InChI=1/C6H7NO/c7-5-1-3-6(8)4-2-5/h1-4,8H,7H, 52985-09-8

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Aminophenol, 4-Aminophenol sulfate, p-aminophenol phosphate, 4-Aminophenol hydrochloride, 4-aminophenol, ion(1+), 4-aminophenol, 3H-labeled, 4-aminophenol monosodium salt, 4-aminophenol, 18O-labeled, 4-aminophenol sulfate (2:1), CID403, 4-aminophenol conjugate monoacid, 4-aminophenol monopotassium salt, UN2512, c0090, C026729, PAP, 122-37-2, 51-78-5

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