Synthesis of 2-pentene (pent-2-ene)

Preparation of 2-pentene

Preparation of 2-pentene

Preparation of 2-pentene

36 ml of water are poured into a 200 ml round-bottomed flask and cautiously mixed with 36 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid solution is cooled and mixed with 30 g (or 36 ml) of sec-amyl alcohol (2-pentanol). The mixture is shaken thoroughly, then placed in a distillation flask fitted with a condenser, a receiver and heated on the steam bath. The flask is heated until the distillation of the 2-pentene has practically ceased (1-2 hr.) and the distillate collects in a receiving flask packed in an ice bath. To remove traces of sulfurous acid from the 2-pentene the distillate is transferred to a separatory funnel and treated with 10 ml of 10% sodium hydroxide solution. 2-pentene is dried by allowing to stand for about one-half hour with anhydrous calcium chloride. The dried 2-pentene is decanted into a distilling flask of suitable size, which is fitted with a thermometer a condenser, and receiver. The fraction passing at 35-41° C is collected yielding 80% of 2-pentene. Pure 2-pentene boils at 36.4° C.

Experiments in Organic Chemistry, L. F. Fieser, 46-47, 1941





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pent-2-ene, 2-PENTENE, cis-2-PENTENE, 2-Pentene, (2Z)-, QMMOXUPEWRXHJS-UHFFFAOYSA-N, .beta.-n-Amylene, 2-Pentene (mixture of cis and trans), 2-Pentene, (2E)-, 627-20-3, 3-Pentene, 2-Pentene,c&t, s-Methylethylethylene, 109-68-2, sym-Methylethylethylene, CH3CH=CHC2H5, methyl-2-butene, (2E)-2-Pentene, AC1L1ZWR, ACMC-209n7j, ACMC-209nn9, 143774_ALDRICH, CTK0I0033, CTK2F4257, CTK2F4359, MolPort-004-968-446, ANW-34349, ANW-34915, AN-22569, 15426-EP2305683A1, 15426-EP2311839A1, 15426-EP2314589A1, 15426-EP2316837A1, 15426-EP2380568A1

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trans-2-Pentene, Methylethylethylene, HSDB 5725, CID12585, 646-04-8

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