Synthesis of 2,4-dibromo-N-(2,4-dibromophenyl)aniline

Preparation of 2,4-dibromo-N-(2,4-dibromophenyl)aniline

Preparation of 2,4-dibromo-N-(2,4-dibromophenyl)aniline

Preparation of 2,4-dibromo-N-(2,4-dibromophenyl)aniline

8 g of diphenylamine are dissolved in alcohol and 65 g of bromine dissolved in 100 ml of the same solvent slowly added with continual stirring. The whole is then poured into about 500 ml of water, filtered, well washed, and recrystallised from alcohol. Colourless needles. m.p. 182. Yield quantitative.

Preparation of organic compounds, E. de. Barry Barnett, 72, 1912

By slightly modified method 4 g of finely powdered diphenylamine are agitated with a sufficient quantity of cold glacial acetic acid to dissolve. The solution is stirred while 5 ml of bromine dissolved in 50 ml glacial acetic acid are slowly run in. The 2,4-dibromo-N-(2,4-dibromophenyl)aniline formed separates as a precipitate, which is filtered off and recrystallised from alcohol.

Systematic organic chemistry, by W. M. Cumming, 351, 1937.





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2,4-dibromo-N-(2,4-dibromophenyl)aniline, 38573-62-5, NSC403859, AC1L83SH, Bis(2,4-dibromophenyl)amine, SCHEMBL15423725, CTK1C4270, ZINC1596141, AKOS024433045, MCULE-7743966990, NSC-403859, OR095311

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