Synthesis of ethyl fluoroacetate

Preparation of ethyl fluoroacetate

Preparation of ethyl fluoroacetate

Preparation of ethyl fluoroacetate

A mixture of 8 moles of acetamide and 5,9 moles of ethyl chloroacetate is heated in a three-necked 2-liter flask placed in an oil-bath at 110° C. The flask is fitted with a gas-tight stirrer and a column carrying a dephlegmator. 8.2 moles of finely powdered, dry potassium fluoride is added in portions with vigorous stirring and the oil-bath temperature is then raised to 140° C. After about 30min the crude product begins to distil; a reflux ratio of 10:1 is used. This gives, first, material boiling at 76-115.5° C (245 g) and then material boiling at 115.5-117.5° C (210 g). Redistillation of both fractions provides 52% of ethyl fluoroacetate, b.p. 117-118°.

J. Chem. Soc, 1953, 3786.


ethyl 2-fluoroacetate



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ETHYL FLUOROACETATE, 459-72-3, Ethyl monofluoroacetate, ethyl 2-fluoroacetate, Acetic acid, fluoro-, ethyl ester, Fluoroacetic Acid Ethyl Ester, Ethylester kyseliny fluoroctove, HSDB 2846, Monofluoroacetic acid ethyl ester, VCYZVXRKYPKDQB-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 207-297-8, Acetic acid, 2-fluoro-, ethyl ester, NSC 133459, Ethylester kyseliny fluoroctove [Czech], BRN 1743761, Fluoroacetic acid ethyl, PubChem23757, UNII-AUS1L6UM7B, ethyl 2-fluoranylethanoate, AUS1L6UM7B, ACMC-209k5f, AC1Q4OQ2, Fluoracetic acid ethyl ester, WLN: F1VO2, KSC489S9D, SCHEMBL157691, 163813_ALDRICH, AC1L1U92, 2-fluoroacetic acid ethyl ester, CTK3I9991, VCYZVXRKYPKDQB-UHFFFAOYSA-, EBD9994, MolPort-000-155-240, ZINC1720173, Aceticacid, 2-fluoro-, ethyl ester, ANW-30385, AR-1I9735, NSC133459, ZINC01720173, AKOS006220713, LS40582, NSC-133459, RP18861, RTR-032118, TRA0050930, VZ32198, AN-45070, CJ-29206, LS-12161, OR012102, SC-17809, p-Fluoroanisole; 1-Fluoro-4-methoxybenzene, TR-032118, F0030, FT-0600005, A826947, 3B4-3710, I06-0255, InChI=1/C4H7FO2/c1-2-7-4(6)3-5/h2-3H2,1H3

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ETHYLFLUOROACETATE, Acetic acid, ethyl ester, CID9988, 4-02-00-00447 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), 4927-37-1

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