Synthesis of carbaminothioglycolic acid anilide

Preparation of  carbaminothioglycolic acid anilide

Preparation of carbaminothioglycolic acid anilide

Preparation of carbaminothioglycolic acid anilide

18.6 g of aniline are dissolved in 10 ml of absolute ethanol and added to a solution of 12.2 g of ammonium thiocyanate and 18.9 g monochloroacetic acid. The resulting mixture is heated on a water bath under reflux. Soon, the reaction and the liquid begins to boil; gas is released (HSCN!!!) at the same time. Heating is continued until the start of crystal formation then the reaction mixture is cooled, the crystals are filtered, washed with water, in order to remove Clions. The carbaminothioglycolic acid anilide is recrystallized from hot water.

Л.М. Кульберг, Синтезы органических реактивов для неорганического анализа, 14-15, (1947) (LM Koulberg, Synthesis of organic reagents for inorganic analysis, 14-15, (1947))


S-(2-anilino-2-oxoethyl) carbamothioate



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USAF uctl-1766, Carbaminothioglycolic acid anilide, ACETANILIDE, (2-MERCAPTOCARBAMOYL)DI-, NSC 13336, 5428-95-5, BRN 3053094, Carbamothioic acid, S-[2-oxo-2-(phenylamino)ethyl] ester, s-(2-anilino-2-oxoethyl) carbamothioate, p,p’-Bis(alpha-thiolcarbamylacetamido)biphenyl, p,p’-Bis(alpha-thiol carbamylacetamido)biphenyl, S-[2-oxo-2-(phenylamino)ethyl] carbamothioate, Biphenyl, p,p’-bis(mercaptocarbamoylacetamido)-, p,p’-Bis(.alpha.-thiolcarbamylacetamido)biphenyl, Biphenyl, p,p’-bis(alpha-thiol carbamylacetamido)-, F3048-0311, Carbamothioic acid, S-(2-oxo-2-(phenylamino)ethyl) ester, S-(2-oxo-2-(phenylamino)ethyl) carbamothioate, S-(2-Oxo-2-(phenylamino)ethyl) thiocarbamate, S-[2-Oxo-2-(phenylamino)ethyl] thiocarbamate, AC1L5DGI, AC1Q5NCU, Thiocarbamic acid S-phenylcarbamoylmethyl ester, SCHEMBL14242027, CTK8J1515, 2-carbamoylthio-N-phenylacetamide, CEINNGQDMFZTJK-UHFFFAOYSA-N, MolPort-000-663-350, ZINC114986, .alpha.-(Thiocarbamyl) acetanilide, NSC13336, AR-1L3327, NSC-13336, STK088297, ZINC00114986, AKOS000348311, MCULE-9240800584, Acetamide, N-phenyl-2-(carbamoylthio)-, BAS 00342616, LS-10788, OR052017, OR281757, ST025612, S-(2-Anilino-2-oxoethyl) thiocarbamate #, Biphenyl,p’-bis(mercaptocarbamoylacetamido)-, Biphenyl,p’-bis(.alpha.-thiol carbamylacetamido)-, Carbamic acid, S-ester with 2-mercaptoacetanilide, Carbamic acid, thio, S-ester with 2-mercaptoacetanilide, Carbamic acid, thio-, S-ester with 2-mercaptoacetanilide, Carbamic acid, thio, S-ester with 2-mercaptoacetanilide (8CI), CARBAMOTHIOIC ACID S-[2-OXO-2-(PHENYLAMINO)ETHYL] ESTER

Removed Synonyms

alpha-Mercaptoacetanilide carbamate, CID224656, ACETANILIDE, 2-(THIOCARBAMYL)-, 3-12-00-00929 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), 6287-71-4

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