Synthesis of 5,8-dibromoquinoline

Preparation of 5,8-dibromoquinoline

Preparation of 5,8-dibromoquinoline

Preparation of 5,8-dibromoquinoline

A solution of quinoline (6.6 ml), silver sulfate (16.5 g), concentrated sulfuric acid (60 ml), and bromine (5.2 ml) is shaken until the bromine is consumed (ca. 3 hours) and then filtered from silver bromide. The silver bromide is washed with water, and the filtrate and washings are poured on ice and brought to pH 2-3. The colorless precipitate is recrystallized from acetone, yielding 12.5 g of 5,8-dibromoquinoline, m.p. 129-130°.

J. Chem. Soc, 1960, 561





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5,8-dibromoquinoline, 81278-86-6, AN-584/42206213, ZINC00335996, AC1LGEFG, ACMC-209pl5, Quinoline, 5,8-dibromo-, 5,8-bis(bromanyl)quinoline, SCHEMBL196848, CTK3E4614, MolPort-000-141-171, ZINC335996, ANW-37431, BBL020680, STK893370, AKOS001476137, AB20865, MCULE-7032588771, AJ-19750, AK122247, CJ-02927, HE058251, KB-41390, AB0051590, DB-075756, TR-025585, FT-0658655, V7848, B-5117, A840084, S08-0133

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5,8-Dibromo-isoquinoline, C9H5Br2N, CID819935

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