Synthesis of 2-mercaptoacetanilide

Preparation of 2-mercaptoacetanilide

Preparation of 2-mercaptoacetanilide

Preparation of 2-mercaptoacetanilide

Carbaminothioglycolic acid anilide poured a small amount of conc. ammonium hydroxide solution and heated until complete dissolution, filtered and acidified with conc. hydrochloric acid (Congo). The precipitate 2-mercaptoacetanilide is filtered and for protection against oxidation through the funnel carbon dioxide passed. In the current carbon dioxide is washed with water until disappearance of the reaction to Cl and dried over sulfuric acid in a desiccator filled with carbon dioxide. 2-Mercaptoacetanilide (thioglycolic acid anilide) forms white, crystalline solid; m.p. 111-112 ° C. Insoluble in water. Soluble in acetone.

Л.М. Кульберг, Синтезы органических реактивов для неорганического анализа, 15, (1947) (LM Koulberg, Synthesis of organic reagents for inorganic analysis, 15, (1947))





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2-Mercaptoacetanilide, Thioglycolanilide, 4822-44-0, N-Phenyl-2-sulfanylacetamide, Thioglycolic acid anilide, Acetanilide, 2-mercapto-, Acetamide, 2-mercapto-N-phenyl-, 2-Mercapto-N-phenylacetamide, N-Phenyl-2-mercaptoacetamide, USAF EK-6583, alpha-Mercaptoacetanilide, NSC 2126, .alpha.-Mercaptoacetanilide, Acetanilide, .alpha.-mercapto-, ACETANILIDE, alpha-MERCAPTO-, EINECS 225-398-5, BRN 2208086, NCGC00160366-01, AI3-23887, DSSTox_CID_28598, DSSTox_RID_82869, DSSTox_GSID_48672, CAS-4822-44-0, Thioglycolylanilide, NSC2126, N-Mercaptoacetyl aniline, WLN: SH1VMR, AC1L1V2T, 2-mercapto-N-phenyl-acetamide, ARONIS24291, N-phenyl-2-sulfanyl-acetamide, SCHEMBL253778, Acetamide,2-mercapto-N-phenyl-, N-Phenyl-2-sulfanylacetamide #, CHEMBL1993867, CTK4J0723, DLVKRCGYGJZXFK-UHFFFAOYSA-N, MolPort-000-694-163, Acetanilide, 2-mercapto- (8CI), BB_SC-0267, ZINC394061, NSC-2126, Tox21_113043, 4177AE, BBL009656, SBB008339, STK397257, ZINC00394061, AKOS000313388, Tox21_113043_1, FR-1258, MCULE-6216008646, NCGC00160366-02, KB-24815, LS-10787, OR021946, ZB012322, DB-051532, FT-0612755, R1299, ST45113737, 4-12-00-00882 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), I14-27321, 3B3-050371, F0482-0001

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C8H9NOS, CID10382

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