Preparation of sodium amalgam

Preparation of sodium amalgam

Preparation of sodium amalgam

Preparation of sodium amalgam

The following procedure describes preparation of 10% sodium amalgam. 3 kilograms of mercury is gently heated in a covered iron pot and gradually 300 grams of sodium are added, in pieces of about 5 grams each. On the addition of each piece of sodium a violent reaction takes place. Toward the end of addition of sodium it is usually necessary to increase the heat and stir the mass to complete the reaction. It is not advisable to clean the sodium, as the oxide is reduced during the operation and loss avoided. When no further reaction takes place after stirring, the melted mass is poured out on a clean iron plate, broken as soon as solid and while still warm, packed in small tightly closing glass-stoppered bottles.

Laboratory manual of inorganic preparations, by H. T. Vulte, 41-42, 1895





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Sodium amalgam, Sodium mercury amalgam, 11110-52-4, SODIUM MERCURY, 451886_ALDRICH, 451894_ALDRICH, 451908_ALDRICH, CTK4A7179

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IUPAC: Mercury; Sodium, CID9837419

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