Preparation of pallatized asbestos

Preparation of pallatized asbestos

Pure short-fibre asbestos is washed with acetic acid and heated to red heat, then soaked in a concentrated, weakly acid solution of palladium chloride. Absorption is accelerated heating on the water-bath. Then the fibres are treated in the cold with 35-40 % formaldehyde solution (4.5-5 ml per grain of palladium). After cooling, 40-50% sodium hydroxide solution is slowly added (1.5 times by weight that of formaldehyde solution). The metal is precipitated in the cold, but the reaction is completed by warming on the water-bath. Then much water is added and the mass of asbestos is washed until as free as possible from salts and alkali; thereafter, the black asbestos fibres are placed in very dilute acetic acid, to remove the last traces of alkali. Finally they are filtered off under suction and washed until the washings are neutral, then dried for a short time in a drying oven. The black asbestos obtained in this way is a useful, very active catalyst for both hydrogenation and dehydrogenation.

N. D. Zelinsky, P. Borisoff, Ber. Deut. Chem. Ges., 57, 150 (1924)





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null, palladium carbon, Palladium hydride, PALLADIUM ION, Pd/C, Palladium on activated alumina, CID23938, D010165, 12135-22-7, 178979-82-3, 20981-49-1, 20982-36-9

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