Preparation of fused sodium acetate

Preparation of fused sodium acetate

Crystallized sodium acetate contains three molecules of water (CH3COONa • 3H2O). In order to dehydrate sodium acetate is placed in a shallow iron dish and heated over a free flame. Sodium acetate first melts in the water of crystallization, on further heating steam is evolved, and the mass solidifies as soon as the main portion of the water has been evaporated, provided the flame is not too large. To remove the last portions of the water, the sodium acetate mass is heated with a large flame by moving flame constantly, until the solidified mass melts for the second time. Overheat of sodium acetate should be avoided and in case it will be recognized by the evolution of combustible gases and the charring of the substance. After cooling, fused sodium acetate is removed from the dish with a knife. Sodium acetate should be fused before each synthesis, since when it is kept for a long time it always takes up water.

The practical methods of organic chemistry, by L. Gattermann, 127-128, 1909

Preparation of fused sodium acetate is presented in the following video by Doug’s Lab.





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Acetate Trihydrate, Sodium, Acetate, Sodium, Anhydrous Sodium Acetate, Sodium Acetate, Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, Sodium Acetate, Anhydrous, Trihydrate, Sodium Acetate

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Sodium acetate, Sodium acetate anhydrous, Acetic acid, sodium salt, 127-09-3, Acetic acid sodium salt, Anhydrous sodium acetate, Sodii acetas, Sodium ethanoate, Sodium acetate, anhydrous, Natrium aceticum, NaOAc, Octan sodny [Czech], Caswell No. 741A, Natriumacetat [German], FEMA Number 3024, UNII-NVG71ZZ7P0, FEMA No. 3024, HSDB 688, CHEBI:32954, Acetic acid, sodium salt (1:1), Natriumacetat, EINECS 204-823-8, NSC 77459, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 044006, Sodium acetate solution, SODIUM DIACETATE, Sodium Acetate,Anhydrous, sodiumacetate, Natriumazetat, Octan sodny, potassium acetate ion, OOEa AAENI, 123333-80-2, AC1LANUK, PubChem18178, short chain fatty acids, 126-96-5, DSSTox_CID_7044, SODIUM ACETATE, USP, AC1Q1V3V, CHEMBL1354, DSSTox_RID_78290, NVG71ZZ7P0, DSSTox_GSID_27044, KSC177O7P, S2889_SIGMA, S3272_SIGMA, S5636_SIGMA, S8388_SIGMA, W302406_ALDRICH, 229873_ALDRICH, S1429_SIAL, S2889_SIAL, S7545_SIAL, S8750_SIAL, 59929_FLUKA, 71183_FLUKA, 71183_SIGMA, 71184_FLUKA, 71184_SIGMA, 71185_FLUKA, 71196_FLUKA, 71196_SIGMA, 82628_FLUKA, 82629_FLUKA, CTK0H7777, 6131-90-4 (Parent), MolPort-001-783-713, VMHLLURERBWHNL-UHFFFAOYSA-M, 241245_SIAL, Sodium Acetate In Plastic Container, Hot ice (Sodium acetate trihydrate), Tox21_202741, ANW-18960, AKOS003052995, AKOS015837569, RP18390, RTR-003907, NCGC00260289-01, AN-43578, CAS-127-09-3, E262, KB-60488, LS-12827, SC-46276, AB1009498, TR-003907, Buffer solution for optode membranes pH 5.1, Buffer solution for optode membranes pH 5.5, FT-0635282, FT-0659959, FT-0689166, S0559, X4392, 1978-EP0930075A1, 1978-EP2269977A2, 1978-EP2269978A2, 1978-EP2269985A2, 1978-EP2269990A1, 1978-EP2269991A2, 1978-EP2269992A1, 1978-EP2270006A1, 1978-EP2270007A1, 1978-EP2270015A1, 1978-EP2270016A1, 1978-EP2272510A1, 1978-EP2272817A1, 1978-EP2272822A1, 1978-EP2272825A2, 1978-EP2272832A1, 1978-EP2272841A1, 1978-EP2272843A1, 1978-EP2274983A1, 1978-EP2275105A1, 1978-EP2275404A1, 1978-EP2275414A1, 1978-EP2277858A1, 1978-EP2277861A1, 1978-EP2277874A1, 1978-EP2277881A1, 1978-EP2280007A1, 1978-EP2280013A1, 1978-EP2281559A1, 1978-EP2281813A1, 1978-EP2281817A1, 1978-EP2281819A1, 1978-EP2281821A1, 1978-EP2281824A1, 1978-EP2284150A2, 1978-EP2284151A2, 1978-EP2284152A2, 1978-EP2284153A2, 1978-EP2284155A2, 1978-EP2284156A2, 1978-EP2284164A2, 1978-EP2284172A1, 1978-EP2284178A2, 1978-EP2284179A2, 1978-EP2286812A1, 1978-EP2287140A2, 1978-EP2287141A1, 1978-EP2287148A2, 1978-EP2287150A2, 1978-EP2287155A1, 1978-EP2287160A1, 1978-EP2289510A1, 1978-EP2289868A1, 1978-EP2292593A2, 1978-EP2292596A2, 1978-EP2292611A1, 1978-EP2292615A1, 1978-EP2292621A1, 1978-EP2292628A2, 1978-EP2295402A2, 1978-EP2295406A1, 1978-EP2295411A1, 1978-EP2295414A1, 1978-EP2295418A1, 1978-EP2295419A2, 1978-EP2295425A1, 1978-EP2295426A1, 1978-EP2295427A1, 1978-EP2295429A1, 1978-EP2298312A1, 1978-EP2298731A1, 1978-EP2298735A1, 1978-EP2298743A1, 1978-EP2298744A2, 1978-EP2298758A1, 1978-EP2298759A1, 1978-EP2298761A1, 1978-EP2298772A1, 1978-EP2301918A1, 1978-EP2301922A1, 1978-EP2301923A1, 1978-EP2301928A1, 1978-EP2301933A1, 1978-EP2301934A1, 1978-EP2301939A1, 1978-EP2302003A1, 1978-EP2305257A1, 1978-EP2305629A1, 1978-EP2305633A1, 1978-EP2305637A2, 1978-EP2305654A1, 1978-EP2305655A2, 1978-EP2305658A1, 1978-EP2305663A1, 1978-EP2305664A1, 1978-EP2305672A1, 1978-EP2305680A2, 1978-EP2308510A1, 1978-EP2308562A2, 1978-EP2308839A1, 1978-EP2308841A2, 1978-EP2308857A1, 1978-EP2308858A1, 1978-EP2308867A2, 1978-EP2308870A2, 1978-EP2308877A1, 1978-EP2311804A2, 1978-EP2311809A1, 1978-EP2311816A1, 1978-EP2311817A1, 1978-EP2311821A1, 1978-EP2311825A1, 1978-EP2311827A1, 1978-EP2311830A1, 1978-EP2311835A1, 1978-EP2311837A1, 1978-EP2311842A2, 1978-EP2314575A1, 1978-EP2314576A1, 1978-EP2314583A1, 1978-EP2314584A1, 1978-EP2314587A1, 1978-EP2314593A1, 1978-EP2316452A1, 1978-EP2316827A1, 1978-EP2316831A1, 1978-EP2316836A1, 1978-EP2316937A1, 1978-EP2371811A2, 1978-EP2372017A1, 1978-EP2374454A1, 1978-EP2374895A1, 1978-EP2380661A2, 13905-EP2269977A2, 13905-EP2269978A2, 13905-EP2269985A2, 13905-EP2269991A2, 13905-EP2272510A1, 13905-EP2272839A1, 13905-EP2272840A1, 13905-EP2284150A2, 13905-EP2284151A2, 13905-EP2284152A2, 13905-EP2284153A2, 13905-EP2284155A2, 13905-EP2284156A2, 13905-EP2284164A2, 13905-EP2287140A2, 13905-EP2287148A2, 13905-EP2287150A2, 13905-EP2292628A2, 13905-EP2295419A2, 13905-EP2295429A1, 13905-EP2295503A1, 13905-EP2298770A1, 13905-EP2305637A2, 13905-EP2305659A1, 13905-EP2305684A1, 13905-EP2305687A1, 13905-EP2305808A1, 13905-EP2308861A1, 13905-EP2311808A1, 13905-EP2311829A1, 13905-EP2311830A1, 13905-EP2311842A2, 13905-EP2314295A1, 13905-EP2316836A1, I14-6214, 325477-99-4, 883902-29-2

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