Preparation of fused potassium acetate

Preparation of fused potassium acetate

Potassium acetate (CH3COOK, CH3CO2K, AcOK) crystallizes without water of crystallization compared to sodium acetate which contains three molecules of water. However, for many synthesis it must be heated to fusion over a free flame in an iron or nickel dish. The melted potassium acetate is poured into a shallow, flat iron or copper dish, in a thin layer. While still warm it is pulverized as finely as possible, and must be at once transferred to a bottle which is to be kept tightly closed. Many authors recommend perform fusion of potassium acetate before each synthesis.

The practical methods of organic chemistry, by L. Gattermann, 171, 1909





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Acetate, Potassium, Potassium Acetate

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Potassium acetate, 127-08-2, Diuretic salt, ACETIC ACID, POTASSIUM SALT, KOAc, Potassium ethanoate, Octan draselny [Czech], E261, FEMA No. 2920, CHEBI:32029, UNII-M911911U02, K(acac), EINECS 204-822-2, Acetic acid, potassium salt (1:1), Potassium acetate solution, Potassium acetate (TN), Kaliumazetat, potassium-acetate, AcOK, MeCO2K, AC1LANUH, potassium ion acetate ion, Potassium acetate [JAN], CH3CO2K, DSSTox_CID_7043, Acetic acid; potassium salt, DSSTox_RID_78289, DSSTox_GSID_27043, KSC177E5N, P1190_SIGMA, Potassium acetate (JAN/USP), Potassium acetate [USP:JAN], POTASSIUM ACETATE, ACS, W292001_ALDRICH, 25059_RIEDEL, 255785_ALDRICH, 32309_RIEDEL, AC1Q1U03, ACMC-1C281, P1147_SIAL, P1222_SIAL, P5708_SIAL, CHEMBL1201058, 60035_FLUKA, 60035_SIGMA, 95843_FLUKA, 95843_SIGMA, CTK0H7256, MolPort-001-759-819, SCVFZCLFOSHCOH-UHFFFAOYSA-M, 25059_SIAL, 32309_SIAL, 236497_SIAL, Tox21_202740, ANW-46027, Potassium acetate in plastic container, AKOS003052760, AKOS015901668, LS-3060, OR11032, RL01348, RTR-003906, NCGC00260288-01, AK-77277, AN-43577, BP-21033, CAS-127-08-2, SC-18995, AB1002326, KB-259363, ST2413694, TR-003906, FT-0645118, M911911U02, X9686, 1819-EP2269987A1, 1819-EP2269993A1, 1819-EP2270006A1, 1819-EP2270008A1, 1819-EP2272832A1, 1819-EP2274983A1, 1819-EP2275398A1, 1819-EP2275404A1, 1819-EP2275414A1, 1819-EP2275469A1, 1819-EP2277858A1, 1819-EP2277865A1, 1819-EP2277867A2, 1819-EP2280003A2, 1819-EP2281817A1, 1819-EP2284159A1, 1819-EP2286811A1, 1819-EP2287940A1, 1819-EP2292592A1, 1819-EP2292617A1, 1819-EP2295406A1, 1819-EP2295409A1, 1819-EP2298731A1, 1819-EP2298734A2, 1819-EP2298761A1, 1819-EP2298767A1, 1819-EP2298828A1, 1819-EP2299510A1, 1819-EP2301923A1, 1819-EP2301936A1, 1819-EP2301983A1, 1819-EP2302015A1, 1819-EP2305668A1, 1819-EP2305675A1, 1819-EP2305682A1, 1819-EP2305687A1, 1819-EP2305695A2, 1819-EP2305696A2, 1819-EP2305697A2, 1819-EP2305698A2, 1819-EP2305769A2, 1819-EP2305825A1, 1819-EP2308812A2, 1819-EP2308828A2, 1819-EP2308838A1, 1819-EP2308857A1, 1819-EP2308877A1, 1819-EP2308879A1, 1819-EP2308880A1, 1819-EP2311808A1, 1819-EP2311826A2, 1819-EP2311829A1, 1819-EP2311837A1, 1819-EP2311842A2, 1819-EP2314295A1, 1819-EP2314587A1, 1819-EP2316905A1, 1819-EP2316906A2, 1819-EP2371812A1, 1819-EP2372017A1, 1819-EP2374538A1, 1819-EP2374895A1, 1819-EP2380661A2, 7839-EP2295432A1, 7839-EP2295433A2, 7839-EP2301536A1, 7839-EP2301538A1, 7839-EP2301923A1, 7839-EP2305682A1, 7839-EP2308873A1, 7839-EP2308875A1, 7839-EP2308879A1, 7839-EP2311455A1, 7839-EP2311807A1, 7839-EP2311829A1, 7839-EP2311837A1, 7839-EP2311842A2, 7839-EP2316452A1, 7839-EP2316835A1, 7839-EP2316905A1, 7839-EP2316906A2, 7839-EP2380661A2, C12554, D01154, 3B4-0095, I14-13821, 134092-62-9, 325477-95-0, 662141-29-9

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Octan draselny, Potassium salt, CID31371, CID517044

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