Preparation of Adams’s catalyst

Preparation of Adams’s catalyst

Alternative Names: platinum oxide catalyst

Preparation of Adams's catalyst (platinum oxide catalyst)

Preparation of Adams’s catalyst (platinum oxide catalyst)

20 g of sodium nitrate are mixed in a porcelain dish with 1.8 g of platinum(IV) chloride (equivalent to 1 g of platinum) dissolved in 5 ml water. The mixture is heated gently with stirring by a glass rod until the water is driven off. Heating is then continued until the mass is molten and brown fumes of nitrogen oxides are evolved. The temperature of the melt amounts to about 400-500° C. When the evolution of oxides of nitrogen stops, the mass is cooled and extracted with 50 ml of water. The resulting brown precipitate is washed, first by decantation and then on a filter, until the filtrate shows no reaction for nitrate. It is, however, difficult to obtain a product free from alkali; the normal alkali content is about 2 % for a melt temperature of 400-500° C but may be more after higher melt temperatures. The brown platinum oxide is dried in a vacuum or over sulfuric acid.

R. Adams, V. Voorhees, and R. L. Shriner, Org. Syn., 8, 92 (1928)





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platinum oxide, PtO2

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Platinum dioxide, Adams’ catalyst, Platinic oxide, Adams Catalyst, Platinum oxide (PtO2), dioxoplatinum, Platinium oxide, Adam’s catalyst, Platinum(iv)oxide, PtO2, Platinium oxide, PtO2, platinum (IV)oxide, platinum(IV)-oxide, Platinum-(IV)-oxide, Platinum (1V) oxide, ACMC-1AKY4, Engelhard(R) code S7018, KSC491S2T, 206032_ALDRICH, 229059_ALDRICH, 459925_ALDRICH, 520616_ALDRICH, 520624_ALDRICH, AC1L828G, AC1Q5B79, N-BENZOYLCHOLINE CHLORIDE, CTK3J1929, MolPort-001-756-358, YKIOKAURTKXMSB-UHFFFAOYSA-N, EINECS 215-223-0, ANW-19307, IN2880, NSC402624, AKOS015903020, NSC 402624, NSC-402624, RTR-033714, TRA0039306, Adam inverted exclamation mark s catalyst, KB-59761, KB-59762, AB1003897, ST2413690, TR-033714, FT-0650808, FT-0694969, X9794, I14-19091

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Platinum(IV) oxide, Platinum oxide, platinum (iv) oxide, Platinum(IV) oxide hydrate, 1314-15-4, UNII-9U12312Y2C, CID345198, 2964-09-2, 52785-06-5

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